Man Takes Shotgun Round After Crashing, Entering Fickle Hill Home – June 26, 2012

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Press Release

On Tuesday, June 26 at approximately 1:30 a.m., the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office received a call of a possible intruder in a residence in the 4000 block of Fickle Hill Road, Arcata. While the deputies were enroute the Sheriff’s Office dispatch received a call that the intruder had been shot

Deputies increased their response to Code Three and medical was notified to respond. When deputies arrived they spoke with the homeowners, a 24-year-old male and an 18-year-old female. The homeowners told the deputies they were awakened by their dogs barking.

When the male homeowner yelled at his dogs to be quiet, an unknown male voice answered from inside their home. The male homeowner saw an unknown male and an unfamiliar dog in his living room. The homeowners told the unknown male to leave their residence. The unknown male told the couple to leave his residence. The homeowners saw there was a vehicle parked outside their residence that had crashed into their gate post. The homeowners went to a nearby neighbor and asked for help.

The neighbor, a 42-year- old male, and the male homeowner returned to the residence. The neighbor brought a shotgun with him for defense. When they entered the residence they again asked the subject on the couch to leave. The subject on the couch was very intoxicated and appeared to believe he was in his own home. He jumped up from the couch and came at the neighbor who was holding the shotgun. The neighbor fired the shotgun one time. The male subject was struck in the abdominal area causing a significant injury.

The injured male was transported to a local hospital and is in critical condition. Sheriff’s Detectives were called to the scene to investigate. No arrests were made and the case is being referred to the Humboldt County District Attorneys Office for review.