Reward Offered For Stolen Property – August 9, 2012

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Kevin L. Hoover

Eye Editor

11TH & C STREETS – Another unwary guest to Arcata has had their car gutted in the night of a wealth of personal possessions.

A friend of resident Kelly Gaudin stayed overnight in Arcata en route to the Bay Area. The guest left his vehicle full of camping equipment and other possessions parked outside.

The residential neighborhood is located along 11th Street, a heavily used throughfare linking downtown and Redwood Park.

Almost like clockwork, and replicating recent experiences of others who have left property in their car for the night, when morning came, the car had been plundered for the fungible items within.

Gaudin, who has been a repeated victim of theft at her home, is fed up. “The theft situation in Arcata has gotten overwhelming for me,” she said. “Had I not already been in the process of a move out of Arcata, I would probably be planning one. In short, I’ve had enough. My car, my child’s radio flyer wagon, a bicycle, 100’s of CD’s from my car and now thousands of dollars of a friend’s personal property has all been stolen.”

Arcata Police urge residents to leave nothing of value in their car, not even a CD or other shiny object, lest it tempt fate, and thieves. Individuals – dubbed “slithy toves” in the Police Log – are often spotted systematically trying car doorhandles up and down residential streets in the night throughout town. Cars left vulnerable are entered and rifled; those with any visible property are, almost like clockwork, broken into.

This theft was particularly painful and embarrassing for Gaudin. “I felt especially bad as my friends had made a special trip to my home on their way back form the Bay Area to help me move a few belongings to Oregon, where I will soon reside,” she said. “I like to work from a solution orientation, but I am at a loss to pinpoint a strategy to help to combat the crime wave that continues to overtake Arcata and the surrounding communities.”

Below is a list of items stolen from the car Monday night/Tuesday morning Aug. 6 and 7 from a green, full-sized 2001 Dodge Ram truck parked at 11th and C streets:

• Briefcase with personal and business documents and credit cards associated with the name “Sivesind”

• Duffel Bag (red & black) filled with motorcycle gear

• 1 Scorpion Helmet (silver),

• 2 pair Riding Boots

• 2 pair motorcycle gloves

• Riding pants (black with silver reflective stripe)

• Riding jacket (silver and black)

• Additional men’s travel clothing size XL

• Bass brand (blue and tan) rolling duffel bag filled with  camping gear (may have luggage tag with the name “Sivesind”):

• REI brand tent – model “passage” (white and black w/ green fly & footprint)

• Lumberjack brand down sleeping bag (maroon & orange)

• Thermarest brand sleeping pad (aqua and black w/ blue stuff sack)

• Wheeled carry on style luggage (black & may have luggage tag with the name “Niedermeyer”)filled with expensive lace trimmed and handmade women’s clothing & shoes  (most are black in color)

If you have or know about the whereabouts of these items, please contact the Arcata Police Department at (707) 822-2428 and/or Kelly Gaudin at (707) 826-2262 or (707) 498-5141. Cash reward for the return of these items.

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