A Message From The Victims’ Families – September 28, 2012

Friday, September 28, 2012

Note: The Six Rivers Running Club has issued the following statement on behalf of the families of yesterday’s hit and run victims:

{Update} on the Hit-and-Run Involving Six Rivers Running Club Runners:
Thursday, September 27, 2012

The families of Jessie Hunt (husband Matt and children), Terri Vroman Little (husband Brian and children), the late Suzie Seemann (husband Hank and children), and the late beloved running dog/partner “Maggie” would like to thank the numerous Humboldt County residents, especially the Six Rivers Running Club, for the outpouring of concern and condolences regarding this unthinkable tragedy.

Terri and Jessie both underwent surgery at St. Joseph’s Hospital this afternoon and are beginning their recovery from the horrific hit-and-run that occurred on Old Arcata Road this morning shortly before 6:00 AM.

Six Rivers Running Club (SRRC) will try our best to keep our many friends updated on Jessie and Terri’s progression towards recovery, but for now the families are requesting some privacy for a couple of days to deal with their devastation. SRRC thanks our beloved community for their show of concern regarding these three amazing women/mothers and their families.

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  1. Thank you SRRC. I hope for a swift recovery for Jessie and Terri.

  2. You are all in my prayers and I will keep tuned to see what any of us can do to help in any way. B'Shalom, Nicole Barchilon Frank.

  3. Inma Thompson

    I feel such sadness and outrage. As a mother, I can barely think of the unthinkable and how the children must feel.

  4. I'm not sure if anyone has set up donations for the family like at a bank but I set up something so people can donate so the families can eat at the hospital cafeteria.

  5. You have to donate to the St. Joseph's Hospital FOundation in their name and it will go to the cafeteria. This hopsital has a website that you are supposed to be able to donate through paypal or credit card. I was able to do that but not designate it to them so I suggest going by the hospital or mailing a check to 27oo Dolbeer St in their name cc the FOundation.

  6. RIP Jessie, Terri, and the faithful Maggie. I imagine you are enjoying a lovely jog on the beautiful trail, in the green pastures, along the still waters.

  7. I am sure some of us are wondering, how could this happen? There is no answer other than the ladies and the dog being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Karma doesn't work this way. I have the same feelings as I did when my friend Penny was run over while riding her bike by the golf course. Penny is paralyzed from the neck down. The hurt and pain seems mindless. Most of us have had close calls when either running or riding our bike. I am confident Terri and Jessie will heal and we will see them out running in the early mornings. Death never takes the wise woman by surprise; she is always ready to go. But not this time………………………


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