Arcata Eye & Friends: A Children’s Treasury Of Arcata Wrongness – September 3, 2012

Monday, September 3, 2012

Note: One time, an applicant for the job of Arcata city manager pretty much sank his chances when he referred to Arcata as… well, see below.

This column is a collection of Arcata misnomers and malapropisms that we publish every few years. We thought the premise was obvious, but one time, an aspiring journalist speculated that we were trying to implant misinformation in Humboldt State students who are new in town in order to make them fail.

The real idea is to help you, the Arcata neophyte, avoid sounding like a turnip truck refugee in everyday conversation. To be clear: anything italicized below is thoroughly bogus. See the “Minority View” for the actual names of things. – Ed.

ARCATA – Arcata is well and deservedly known as an alternative to the real world. Because, though there are some things you can never, ever do here at places that don’t exist, people somehow have.

We at the paper know this, because at one time or another, we’ve been told about alot of the following alternate-reality people, places and things.

These include the Arcata Square, featuring the Statue of McKinleyville where on weekends you can enjoy the Plaza Farmer’s Market. Visit businesses such as the Jacoby Creek Storehouse (home of Abruzzi’s), the Arcata Hotel, the Major Theatre, Plaza Exchange, Tomo’s, Brio’s and Libations, one block away from the Crab’s Ball Park. 

Out Somoa Boulevard, over the refurbished meridians and past the traffic circle lies Sunnybrea, just south of the HSU Forest and City Forest. Down South “G” Street is the Arcata Marsh Wildlife Center, while across the freeway is the D Street Community Center and LK Wood. 

Out on the Arcata Bottom’s is Sun Valley Bulb Farm. Follow Jane’s Road past the CA Information Center to connect with Guintoli Road, which definately takes you to Highway 299.

While you’re in Arcadia, be sure and say hello to our public officials, especially the friendly members of the City Counsel. These include Mr. Alex Stillman and Mark Wheatley, as well as Susan Ornealeas and Shane Britton, plus City Manager Randy Mendoza and HSU President Roland Richardson.

This handy guide is a service of Eye on Arcata, with help from reader David Jarvis and present and former staffmembers, including Jessica Savage, Terrance McNalley, Lorraine LeBlank and Kevin Hooper.

A Minority View

Or, you could be a rugged individualist and enjoy the Arcata Plaza with its statue of William McKinley and Farmers’ Market, Jacoby’s Storehouse, Abruzzi, the Hotel Arcata, Arcata Theatre, Arcata Exchange, Café Tomo, Café Brio, Libation, the Arcata Ball Park, Samoa Boulevard, Sunny Brae, the Arcata Community Forest, South G Street, Arcata Marsh Interpretive Center, D Street Neighborhood Center, L.K. Wood Boulevard, Arcata Bottom, Sun Valley Floral Farm, Janes Road, Giuntoli Lane, State Route 299, the City Council, Ms. Alex Stillman, Mark Wheetley, Susan Ornelas, Shane Brinton, Randy Mendosa, Rollin Richmond, the Arcata Eye, David Jervis, Jennifer Savage, Terrence McNally, Lauraine Leblanc and Kevin Hoover.