Wandering Hiker Located, Rescued – September 14, 2012

Friday, September 14, 2012

APD Press Release (with added details)

ARCATA COMMUNITY FOREST – On Wednesday, Sept. 12 at about 11 p.m. the Arcata Police Department received a call from Andre Codagone, 22, an Arcata resident, who said he was lost somewhere behind the Arcata Community Forest.

Codagone told the Arcata Police he had gone hiking for a few hours by himself in the Arcata Community Forest when he realized he could not find his way back. He said he had seen a sign marking Trail 13, and that he was near logging equipment.

Luckily he had a cell phone with him, so he called for help. After speaking with Codagone, Arcata Police believed he had hiked out of the City of Arcata and was now in county jurisdiction.

The Sheriff’s Office was notified by Arcata Police. Sheriff’s dispatch utilized the cell phone’s GPS feature and led two deputies to Codagone, who was located approximately 1.7 miles from West End Road, Arcata. He was in good health.

The City is currently creating “Get Your Bearings” signs for placement deep inside the Arcata Community Forest. The signs will include GPS coordinates.