Person Of Interest In Custody For Jogger Collision – October 2, 2012

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Jason Anthony Warren

Kevin L. Hoover

Eye Editor

HUMBOLDT – A person of interest is in custody in connection with last Thursday’s vehicle collision with three joggers on Myrtle Avenue that left one woman dead and two seriously injured, as well as that day’s homicide in Hoopa.

Jason Anthony Warren, 28, a convicted felon, was arrested Thursday, Sept. 27 in Eureka on unrelated charges of assault and battery and probation violation.

Sherriff Mike Downey said the HCSO is leading the investigation and that the CHP, DA’s Office and Eureka Police Dept. are collaborating. Downey said he expects to file charges by the end of the week.

In a hastily called press conference this afternoon, Downey said that he was disclosing preliminary information in order to tamp down rumors and speculation on various online fora, much of it wildly inaccurate.

“Our sole purpose in holding back information, and coming forward, was to solidify our case and making a strong nexus between the two cases,” Downey said today. “We wanted to ensure that we could bring a strong case before the District Attorney’s Office.”

Humboldt County Sheriff Mike Downey and deputies meet the press at the Courthouse this afternoon. KLH | Eye

He made clear that no suspect is in custody, but that Warren is being investigated in connection with the Myrtle Avenue incident and the homicide of Dorothy Ulrich in Hoopa that same day. Downey said he knew of no personal relationship between Warren and Ulrich.

According to the Eureka Times-Standard, Warren had failed to appear for a Sept. 7 court date after entering into a plea agreement to serve six years in prison for assault with a deadly weapon. Downey wouldn’t say whether Warren’s arrest had been compelled by the Thursday incidents, just that he had been arrested on warrants.

“At the time of the arrest we were interested in talking to the subject,” Downey said. He said no other suspects are being sought.

HSU Geography Instructor Suzanne Seemann was killed Thursday morning when a 2005 Kia Spectra struck her on Myrtle Avenue. The vehicle was found abandoned in Eureka later that day. Seemann’s two jogging mates, Jessica Hunt and Terri Vroman-Little, remain hospitalized with serious injuries but are expected to recover.

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  1. Mashaw McGuinnis

    I wonder if those two face on his chest are girls that he fathered…this case just gets darker and darker.

  2. Looks like one of the characters I see on Jesus Music Videos on JTV. That being said an Eye for an Eye, Do unto others as you have done unto YOU.

  3. I have to ask my self whom would I rather have around me fine, healthy, articulate ladies or some jerkoff speed freak who steals anything & everything not tied down runs people over and then society has to support his worthless arse in the penal system for the duration.

  4. the pix on his chest is his wife and child… leave us out of thus please.

  5. the pix on his chest is his wife and child… leave us out of thus please.

  6. the pik are me and my girl please leave us out of this we have nothing to do with him

  7. Mashaw McGuinnis

    Sorry Tisanche, my comment was not meant to be hurtful, I just wondered if he has children. Knowing a suspect has kids sometimes helps people to see him as more human, beyond the photo. This must be a painful time for you and your daughter as well.

  8. […] The Sheriff’s Office has submitted its case to the Humboldt County District Attorneys Office today, along with a Declaration in Support of an Arrest Warrant, requesting charges of homicide and auto theft be filed against Warren. […]


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