Religion On The Rocks – October 13, 2012

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Note: These photos and letter were submitted by sea kayaker Damon Maguire. – Ed.

I’ve been saddened to see that someone has taken it upon him or herself to deface the shoreline rocks in Trinidad just below Cher-Ae Heights Casino with religious graffiti. I would think the person responsible would have more respect for the handiwork of the entity they profess to worship.

Although not visible from Scenic Drive, the graffiti is very visible from the water. Some markings are below the high-tide line, some are above. They are also proliferating. At first there was just a cross. Now there are five large graffiti and the outlines for more.

I’m hoping the community can figure out who the culprit is and get them to stop. Due to the relative inaccessibility of the site, I assume the perpetrator lives nearby.

Graffiti is unsightly and irritating in all the communities of Humboldt County, but truly offensive in the pristine environment of Trinidad.

I was told by the local office of the Coastal Commission that graffiti is not an issue they can address and that it could be difficult to determine jurisdiction at the site  between the commission, the county, Trinidad Rancheria and the State Lands Commission.

Therefore, I hope that someone can appeal to this person’s better nature and stop this defacement of our coastline. Perhaps local religious leaders can convince them to find a less destructive way to proselytize.

D. Maguire


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