Arcata Main Street Director Arrested On Cultivation, Child Endangerment Charges – November 2, 2012

Friday, November 2, 2012

AMS Director Jennifer Koopman. KLH | Eye

HCSO Press Release

EUREKA – On Friday, November 2 at about 10 a.m. the Humboldt County Drug Task Force served a search warrant at a residence located in the 2600 block of Manzanita Avenue, Eureka. No one was at home when the search warrant was served.

Agents located a commercial marijuana growing operation in the garage, which is attached to the residence. Agents seized 267 growing marijuana plants that ranged in size from 3 foot to 4 foot in height. Agents seized $3,700 dollars in cash from inside of the residence.

When agents were at the residence they noticed a possible electrical fire hazard with the indoor marijuana cultivation that was occurring in the garage. Agents contacted Humboldt County Building and Planning Department, who then responded to the scene.

After inspecting the electrical wiring associated with the indoor marijuana growing operation, Humboldt County Building and Planning Department determined there was a possible fire hazard. Humboldt County Building and Planning Department then contacted PG&E to have the electrical power turned off to the residence.

In searching the residence agents learned that Jennifer Brook Koopman, 38, lives in the residence along with her seven- year old daughter. Agents learned that Koopman was at work in Arcata. Agents then responded to Arcata and located Koopman at her place of work.

Koopman was placed under arrest for cultivation and possession for sales of marijuana, for maintaining a residence for manufacturing of a controlled substance. Koopman was also arrested for child endangerment because of the electrical fire hazard associated with the indoor marijuana growing operation.

Koopman’s seven-year-old daughter was placed into custody of a local relative. Humboldt County Child Welfare Services was contacted and will investigate the living conditions of the child.

This case is still under investigation by the Humboldt County Drug Task Force.

Editor’s note: Koopman is executive director of Arcata Main Street. Monday morning, AMS issued the following statement:

“While the Arcata Main Street Board does not condone or support illegal activity, it is currently awaiting more information before commenting further.


Arcata Main Street Board of Directors”

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13 Responses to “Arcata Main Street Director Arrested On Cultivation, Child Endangerment Charges – November 2, 2012”

  1. Mary C Mari

    more bullshit.

  2. Cite and release. This is an every day event along the 40th parallel where the tatse for highend cannabis runs deep.

  3. Cite and release. This is an every day event along the 40th parallel where the tatse for highend cannabis runs deep.

  4. Anonymous

    what an evil grower of plants! Trying to act like one of "US"! Lets find all of them; smear their pictures, names, careers, and bask in the glory of knowing that we did a good days work. arcata into orick now!

  5. Bruce Brennan

    Elkhorn Manifesto, read the entire message…. Look it
    up……U.S. Patent #6630507 HOW is Schedule I ok? Ahhh here is the.
    Answer…What do Hemp and Hitler have in common? World War II, that's what. An
    Open Letter to All Americans By R. William Davis read the manifesto There is A.
    party afterwards The NAZI Party! Hemp Saves the World Again! Yippie! check out : US Patent # 6630507 too. also See: "Too High To Fail" And This:Medical Marijuana Patent No.: u.s. patent 6630507

  6. Todd Hunger

    Eric Holder was the attorney for Purdue Pharma, makers of deadly Oxy-contin before he was the AG although this FACT is Never reported in the mainstream media. This is why Obama Lied and promised not to raid medical cannabis. Holder and Obama are just kicking back to big-pharma for their politcal support trying to destroy a safe, natural alternative to big-pharma poison. SLEAZY CORRUPT POLITICS AT IT'S WORST!

  7. Ugg to drugs and nope to dope.

  8. Sounds like to many plants for anyone BUT she is not criminal, Take some of her plants and tell her she can't grow that many and come back a few months later to make sure she abides.

  9. Child endangerment is pathetic, my goodness the woman was at work trying to make a living to pay for her daughter, now you have ruined her life so it will be hard on her daughter from now on. Police and government are the real criminals.

  10. I feel sorry for this woman. I can't think of her or what she did as criminal. Certainly not harmful to us as a community, save the fire hazard in her garage. How about we work up and down Broadway with all the meth addicts instead of pretending Humboldt isn't Humboldt.

  11. this is ridiculous. kevin, you are a repulsive human being, the way you smear peoples names and faces, further adding problems to the lives of them and their children.

  12. Bush Man

    Keep it going boys. Another competitor bites the dust!

  13. They would rather destroy her and her daughter's lives in the name of justice.


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