Accrediting Commission Upgrades CR’s Standing

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

College of the Redwoods Press Release

Accrediting Commission Removes CR from Show Cause Status

The hard work of CR’s employees and Trustees has paid off for the students’ 

College of the Redwoods was notified by the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges on Feb. 13 that it has been removed from Show Cause status.

The ACCJC has now placed CR on Probation, a less serious sanction than Show Cause, allowing the College to demonstrate continued progress on the Commission’s standards and eligibility requirements.

CR will fully maintain its accreditation and continue to offer accredited classes and programs that are transferable to other colleges and universities.

 “The hard work of the employees and the Board of Trustees of the College of the Redwoods District has paid off for our students and the communities we serve,” said CR President/Superintendent Kathy Smith. “I am convinced that after meeting this challenge, CR has become an even stronger college. The Show Cause sanction focused everyone at CR on the issues we faced.  We have collaboratively worked to address the Commission’s concerns and now CR is in an excellent position to better help our students be successful. We still have work to do and must continue with the plans we’ve put into place, and I’m confident CR will meet this challenge.”

CR Board of Trustees President Colleen Mullery said, “The Board of Trustees is most grateful to the college’s administration, faculty, and staff who have worked tirelessly to comply with the accreditation requirements established by the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges.  The college exists for our students, and by extension, our communities.  The Board of Trustees is committed to do all in its power to ensure that College of the Redwoods will continue to serve its students and the educational needs of our communities.”

ACCJC determined that CR has resolved many of the deficiencies that were identified last year.  In its recent letter to CR, the Commission indicated the College must now:

Ø  Document a funding base, financial resources, and plans for financial development adequate to support student learning programs and services, to improve institutional effectiveness, and assure financial stability.

Ø  Reflect a realistic assessment of financial resource availability, development of financial resources, partnerships, and expenditures requirements.

Ø  Have sufficient cash flow and reserves to maintain stability, strategies for appropriate risk management, and realistic plans to meet financial emergencies and unforeseen occurrences.

Ø  Complete implementation of its strategic hiring plan which analyzes demographic data to address employee equity and diversity.

Ø  Continue to develop and implement a comprehensive professional development program.

      President Smith said the recommendations regarding fiscal stability are the most important and challenging. “CR has significant work to do over the next six months to a year to become fiscally stable,” Smith said. “As president of the institution, I’d like to thank the Board of Trustees, employees, students and community for their support during these challenging times.”

CR is required to submit a follow-up report to the ACCJC by Oct. 15, 2013 showing evidence that it has fully addressed the recommendations outlined in the Commission’s letter. The report will be followed by a visit of Commission representatives.

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