Eye Ball Auction Items Rolling In

Wednesday, February 20, 2013
Five of these collectible Arcata Ridge Trail markers, with the logo designed by Dave Held, will be available for $65 each.

Five of these collectible Arcata Ridge Trail markers, with the logo designed by Dave Held, will be available for a minimum bid of $65 each.

Eye Staff Report

ARCATA – Donations are rolling in for the auction benefitting the Arcata Ridge Trail at the Arcata Eye Ball. If you or your business have an item to donate to the auction, call  Debi at (707)  845-3873.

While many affordable items will be available at the silent auction, high-end packages are being received as well. Some of the items already available include:

MADAKET Harbor Cruise for 40

The Motor Vessel MADAKET is one of 700 historic vessels registered in the United States. She was built for the shallow waters of Humboldt Bay at Fairhaven Calif. in 1909, by shipwright McDonald. 47.5 feet in length, 12 foot at the beam and draws a mere 3.75 feet. Launched onto its placid waters on June 6, 1910, She continues to be the oldest passenger carrying vessel in continuous service in the United States and boasts the smallest licensed bar in the state of California.

You and 40 of your closest friends will enjoy a private cruise on the historic Madaket. She is operated by licensed captains and trained crew members.

As you travel the high seas of Humboldt Bay, you will be captivated by vast , unobstructed views of wildlife, historical sites and points of interest described in the narration.

Food and drink extra.

Thank You to Leroy and the Humboldt Bay Maritime Museum.

Oysters and Ale for 10

Grilled, baked or raw: You wanna know what’s better than YUMMY local oysters and beer? How ’bout Third District Supervisor Mark Lovelace cooking, shucking and cleaning up after you and nine of your guests? Package includes 10 dozen oysters and 2 cases of beer. Thank YOU Supervisor Lovelace, Mad River Brewery and Coast Seafood.

Crab and Wine for 12

We LOVE our local Dungeness Crab and wine….These 12 tasty crustaceans are caught right here in Humboldt and are soooooo fresh. You and your guest will enjoy a dozen crab and enough wine to go around in the comfort of your own home.

THANK YOU Aaron Newman and Arcata Liquors.

Brewer’s Dinner for 8

How ’bout a brewers dinner party in YOUR own home? This five-course Prime Rib brewer’s dinner for you and eight of your friends will be cooked, prepared and served in your home. The menu will be unique, the food is exceptional, the pairings are thoughtful and the education and support for beer will be phenomenal.

You will learn about beer from Briar Bush and your meal will be cooked and served to you by Arcata City Councilwomen Alex Stillman and Susan Ornelas under the direction of Debi Farber Bush.

Thank You to Murphy’s Market, Lost Coast Brewery, Briar Bush and the Three Musketeers Alex, Susan and Debi…

Special Event

How ‘bout an event at the D Street Neighborhood Center (14th and D in Arcata) with band and event planning to go along with it? The D Street Neighborhood Center is a fantastic place to hold a party or an event for a crowd of 300 or dining for 140 people. The package comes complete with The Jim Lahman Band.  “Featuring some of Humboldt County’s best musicians, the Jim Lahman Band engages audiences throughout the Redwood Region with its mix of up tempo R + B, soulful blues and rock favorites.The band has gained a strong following for its powerful playing style, their showmanship and on-stage chemistry. Guitar virtuoso and singer Jim Lahman fronts the band with Ron Perry on harmonica, Jenner Cohune on vocals, Jim Bent on drums and Stephen Phines on bass.”

And to make this package extra special, Debi will roll up her sleeves and provide you with five hours of event planning time.

THANK YOU City of Arcata, The Jim Lahman Band and Debi.