Around Town – April 1, 1953

Monday, April 8, 2013

From the April 1, 1953 Arcata Eye


Arcata’s top cop is urging local men to “take a break” and abstain from beating their spouses on Sundays.

Although men will still enjoy the privilege of getting out all of their insecurity, doubt and self-hatred by beating the tar out of their wives the other six days of the week, Chief Delbert Snorkleson is trying to rally area men to hold back on spousal discipline for a day.

The Chief emphasized that men’s muscles could benefit from one day a week to rest and heal.


Dinner & derring-do

 Mr. and Mrs. Dick Wheeler of 1604 Wood Street were the proud hosts last week of Dr. and Mrs. L. Prescott Doolittle of 3359 Cherry Lane, Sunny Brae. Dr. Doolittle regaled those in attendance with picture slides of the exotic flora and fauna of New Guinea. Dr. Doolittle recently went on a safari trip to the Guinean island, heroically bagging a tribal chieftain that is now mounted in his office study. Mrs. Wheeler baked a delicious mayonnaise casserole for the occasion.

Health food feast a hospital benefit

The Knights of Pustulus announce their annual Steak and Fried Butter Feed this Saturday night at the Uniontown Grange Hall. Suggested donation is $1.50. All-you-can-survive.


A recipe for Aunt Tessie’s Asbestos-Chive Doodles in last week’s Arcata Eye included a typograhpical error in the ingredient list. “Six handfuls of consecrated embers hewn from a flaming pentagram and infused with the bile of an albino ferret” should have read, “a cup of water.”