‘Intertube’ Pipe System To Web World – April 1, 1953

Monday, April 8, 2013

APRIL 1, 1953 – Local inventor Milton Nerkle has created a prototype of a device he believes will revolutionize communication by the year 2013.

In just 60 years, Nerkle said, men will be able to send messages via a world-wide web of pipeline known as “The Intertubes.”

The tangle of pneumatic tubes could, in theory, deliver a sealed capsule containing a written message or even a small pamphlet from Valley West to Sunny Brae in as little as nine hours.

Nerkle said the Intertube messages would be pushed through the pipelines by building-sized vacuum pumps spaced three miles apart for the length of the system, each powered by an on-site nuclear reactor.

Nerkle has already trademarked an Intertube-based messaging service he calls “Bookface.”