Renaissance Man Dazzles Townsfolk – April 1, 1953

Monday, April 8, 2013

APRIL 1, 1953 – Arcatans of all stripes have been impressed with the benevolence and philathropy of a newcomer to town in recent weeks. The distinguished gentleman from points south has quickly risen in the ranks of multiple fraternal organizations, including the Knights of Pustulus, the Order of Satanis, the Grand Dukes of Sasquatch and the Swedish Ladies Benificent Society.

Mr. Chauncey Berry-picker, whose storied past includes degrees from multiple universities, authorship of several scholarly books, heroic service as an ace in the U.S. Air Corps and acclaim by the crowned heads of Europe, past, present and future, has been engaged by the city fathers to take charge of Arcata’s treasury and manage its bank accounts.