Bodhi Tree Booked On Two Counts Of Murder

Saturday, May 18, 2013
A mugshot of Bodhi Tree from a previous arrest. HCSO photo

A mugshot of Bodhi Tree from a previous arrest. HCSO photo

City of Arcata




On May 18, 2013, at about 2 a.m., the Arcata Police Department responded to the 2400 block of Eye Street on the report of gunshot victims inside the residence.  A female victim was pronounced dead at the scene, the male victim was pronounced dead at Mad River Community Hospital.

The Arcata Police Department conducted an extensive investigation with a suspect being developed.  The investigation led officers to a residence located in the 200 block of Marilyn Avenue, located in the Sunny Brae area of Arcata.  Upon initial contact with the occupants of the residence, the suspect was not located.

A short time later, citizens in the area notified police of a suspicious subject in the 1700 block of Shirley Blvd., a short distance away from the Marilyn Avenue residence.  Officers responded and located  Bodhi Tree, 28 years old of Arcata.  Tree was the homicide suspect sought by the police department and he was arrested.

Tree was transported to the Humboldt County Jail and booked for two counts of PC 187–Murder.

The homicide investigation continues and anyone with information is strongly encouraged to contact the Arcata Police Department at (707) 822-2424.

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33 Responses to “Bodhi Tree Booked On Two Counts Of Murder”

  1. Barrett Kelley

    They got the scum bag… Thank god…..

  2. Ugh I knew this guy when we were young. Terrible!

  3. Me and Jacklyn Vejraska just say him at Spring Soul being all shady….told you Jackie not to joke around with that dude……fucking scary!

  4. He was a bit off when I knew him too. Crazy!

  5. Wow I worked in the ccc with that dude

  6. Nice work APD! Great Job!

  7. I hope he rots in hell for taking 2 young kids life that had a great future ahead of them.

  8. Tommy L Myers

    Game OVER scumbag!!!! Hope he likes his new home in San Quentin !!

  9. Hope they give him the chair oh but wait this is California not Texas too bad because here they'll probably just put em in a cell and we'll have to pay for his 'room and board' – another example of what wrong and what needs to be changed in this world – or the system just needs to remember that bullets are cheap and put one in his heart like he did Sunshine's so that they can actually spend our taxes the right way and finally do some justice ol' school style!

  10. I don't want to sound crude, but I hope that motherfucker gets a broomstick broken off in his ass, just like Jeffrey Dahmer did. I have a strong feeling he's going to get what's coming to him. Karma has a way of working these things out with a sniper's accuracy.

  11. my heart is broken I love you sunshine and my love goes to the family of the girl as well, so much wasted here for no reason, why why why? big love and prayers to all affected. if anyone needs a ride to the memorial at moonstone beach from the tahoe area call me 2064348868 blessing and love to everyone <3.

  12. dude, you just shared your phone # in the comments section of the website.

  13. there is a death penalty in california, not that i agree with eye for an eye, now that his buzz is wearing off im sure he is realizing the hell that he has created for himself and them and all the loved ones and loving ones, this is just a nightmare. we need love, everything is a call for love, if it is not love itself. we must remember and fix our species <3

  14. too bad they couldnt have busted him for something sooner.

  15. i changed it although i dont know why it would matter, do you think i would get junk calls from putting it on here or what? i wasnt even paying attn. im in shambles…

  16. Dorothea Fales

    My family is shocked and saddened by this tragedy . She was our friend .she was a smart, witty, beautiful girl. Our hearts are broken. Our hearts go out to her family. Our hearts go out to sunshines family. He was trying to protect her from this predator piece of shit. There has been so much violence causingso much pain. The community needs a healing. We need to get together and have a community forum for healing and ideas on how to help and protect our children and each other. The District Attorney should seek the death penalty in this case .Then let him plead guilty for LIFE WITHOUT PAROLE. Great job by APD in apprehending this murderer. There are dangerous individuals in our community that don"t have any morals or value for life. I pray for healing and peace. This is such a great loss. What is happening? John H.

  17. Kim Thomas


  18. what fucking scum of the earth…
    on a lighter note a memorial is being held for Sunshine and Christine tomorrow at moonstone beach.

  19. John Speer

    I just found out a few hours ago and still in tears. Pardon my shortcomings as a human being but I hope that fucker burns and suffers for the pain he's caused. FUCK!

  20. Ronny Eddy

    You don't come crying to me now I seem to remeber how your "Community" said myself and companions were so "Bad" because of some booze swilling some street theatrics, some light hearted jokes and pranks and your high and mighty friends basically ran me out of town. You do NOT come crying to me now. Hoover and Co. don't like the "Fun" bunch ok the planet is 22,000+ miles around I found a better life and Humboldt is NOT crashing the party here. I got 911 on speed dial and would be more than happy to use on my Ex-Neighbors and so called friends from Humboldt.

  21. there is no mention of rape, what are you talking about?

  22. Belinda Brooks-White

    I have always prided myself on not hating anyone ever; after this piece of shit killed these two beautiful people, I now have hate in my heart that is so REAL and DEEP-SEEDED. I want to see this guy fry!

  23. Belinda Brooks-White

    Forget San Quentin Tommy; This SOB deserves to go to Pelican Bay where the real TUGS will twist him like a pretzel.

  24. But look. he's so sad in his booking picture… How could anyone so sad be a murderer?

  25. Belinda, the young lady was my sister n laws good friend. It has really affected her. I agree he deserves to fry. As for looking sad? He's probably sad because he got caught. Just sayin.

  26. Belinda Brooks-White

    OMG, I feel so bad for her family. It is so tragic. Sunshine was trying to keep her from getting rapped by this sub-human; he is a HERO. You would have loved Sunshine… amazing human being.

  27. Belinda Brooks-White

    Please pass on my condolences to the family Michelle love.

  28. Papa Howly

    his name is so completely opposite of his actions. bitter irony

  29. Belinda Brooks-White

    If were lucky, they will put this guy in a cell with Jodie Aries.

  30. Trina Redner-Haller Downer

    does anyone know where the guy was from in Michigan?

  31. Caitlin Jerome


  32. he killed the 18 year old girl after he tried to rape her, and sunshine tried to step in and he was shot also.

  33. […] 5/18/13 the Arcata Police Department responded to a double homicide in the City of Arcata. The Arcata Police Department arrested Bodhi Tree in connection with the […]


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