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Displaced houseguests outside the

Displaced houseguests huddle under blankets outside the house at 2457 Eye Street, with APD Community Service Office David Greaney manning the perimeter. KLH | Eye

Kevin L. Hoover

Eye Editor

EYE STREET – Two people, a male and a female, were killed in a house on Eye Street early this morning.

People staying at the house said that a suspect, another houseguest, shot the two with a revolver. Police have no one in custody, but are pursuing a “person of interest,” according to APD Lt. Ryan Peterson. [UPDATE: A suspect has been arrested.]

Victims have not been identified. The houseguests said the female was an 18-year-old high school student.

Peterson said the female was pronounced dead at the scene. The male died shortly thereafter at Mad River Community Hospital. names have not yet been released.

Arcata Police have the house cordoned off and are processing the scene. Another team is pursuing leads and tracking down witnesses.

What the houseguests say

This morning, nearly a dozen individuals milled about outside, some lying and sitting about in the street eating donuts and tending to pets. Several said that they had been staying at the house. “People crash here,” said one of the guests. Some said they had been staying at the house for two days.

About 2 a.m., the houseguests said, three to five shots rang out and the guests discovered the victims in the living room. They applied pressure to the victims’ bleeding wounds while 911 was called.

Police arrived, the guests were told to leave the home, and were interviewed by officers outside. They left all their possessions inside.

The suspect was described by the houseguests as an African-American man in his twenties who went by the name of “C Nasty.” He was dressed in gray sweat pants, with a “wife beater” sleeveless t-shirt and an Oakland Raiders cap.

He has a tattoo of a tree on his upper arm, and what was described as an “all-seeing eye.” All in all, said witnesses, the man had a “thuggish look.”

The houseguests characterized the man as unpleasant and sexually aggressive towards the women staying at the house. “He was drunk all the time,” said one. “He hit on every girl here.”

“He tried to feel up on me,” said a young woman sitting in the street holding a cat. “He was into terrible music.” The guests described the music as abrasive, with the term “thirsty-ass hoes” repeatedly used.

“He was really fucked up,” said a man. “He talked about Garberville, about the Bloods accepting him. Gang and drug talk.” The suspect was armed with some sort of baton, in addition to the firearm.

“We think he was trying to get with the girl,” said a man who had been in the house when the homicides occurred. The consensus scenario was that the suspect had solicited sex from the female, and that the male victim had tried to defend her.

The male victim apparently went by the name “Sunshine.” The female victim’s name is not yet disclosed.

The female victim  just turned 18 years old, the guests said. they described her a “sweet and nice,” and still in high school. “She was a bubbly young lady, full of life,” one guest said.

Investigation underway

Police Chief Tom Chapman is out of town, and Peterson is acting chief in his absence.

Peterson said even more people were staying at the house, and that they are being tracked down.

Evidence technicians are currently processing the house.

Updates when available…


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  1. Al I knew u befor you named yourself Sunshine! Bess Be little brother…

  2. Sunshine, I left you last thinking we would have more times together. I never got a chance to thank you. You opened a new world to me, one full of love, acceptance, laughter, peace and just great times. Festivals will never be the same. I wanted to thank you… You unknowingly redirected my life and it hurts that you may have not known or at least not heard of its importance to me. I felt lost and life was missing so much looking forward when I was 18 (still in high school) following the threads you started I found my purpose, to make this world a better, brighter place. I'm a zeitgeist movement activist because of you. I will never forget those Halloweens, smiles, parties, and that rooster that attacked you, LOL and… Perhaps my friend I may experience your brightness again when I return to the source.

    Much love my friend
    PS. Please send me any video recordings or music recordings of Sunshine. I'll put together something in remembrance. I loved his music and long to see him besides the point- thanks


  3. Al (sunshine) was a good friend of mine when he lived here in Michigan, my heart aches.

  4. I just met her couple weeks ago trying to hang out with older nicer Arcata crowd so she could get away from eureka gangster scene.I thought she was 15 lying about age so she could hang out.Sweet naive innocent young girl:-(I doubt she was even capable of lying.Sunshine too.Lived up to his name well.Wish I could say same of bohdi tree.Can't meditate his way out of this!What a waste!Why!For what!I am so sad & angry!Don't think I can handle memorial circle tomorrow.My prayers to families.

  5. please let me know if u do this, I grew up with Sunshine back here in Michigan and alot of people love and miss him here and are truly heartbroken

  6. Matt Rousse

    i got some pics of when we all used to be basically livin together tell ur ma and ja

  7. Matt Rousse

    james to call me i tried callin u my numbers the same exve

  8. Matt Rousse

    except i had it changed 3369 u should have the other 4 i hope or fb me i cant believe this i got somethin also too he wrote me in 4 th grade but lemme kno iy ya need piv

  9. Matt Rousse

    pics my phones bein a piece tryn to leave 1 comment turned into a lot more

  10. Terri-Lynn Frasher Patterson

    Sunshine lived with me once, stole from me and when I confronted him he stole my car and ran off to California! he is a little punk thief. The guy under the blanket is not James. James was Sunshine''s best friend, not your spun out friend sleeping on the street at a murder scene!

  11. Terri-Lynn Frasher Patterson

    It is because Sunshine, or Al, which is his real name, is a thief and a druggie and invited this into your community!

  12. Terri-Lynn Frasher Patterson

    it is a terrible crime that happened to a little weazel thief. What was he doing hanging out with a high school student? Poor girl, she is the victim.

  13. O'Neal Jones Why didn't you read the cutline under the photo? It explains what you're looking at in the photo.

  14. Kevin Hoover

    Well, that was exactly what anyone passing by saw. If you expect us to protect you from information rather than relate it, I invite you to read something else, because that's not going to happen.

  15. Kevin Hoover


  16. Lindsay J. Birch-Young

    Terri-Lynn Frasher Patterson This had absolutely nothing to do with drugs or thievery, and for you to accuse Al or something like that is absurd. This homicide was about a man, SUNSHINE, defending the honor of that young woman and preventing her from being RAPED! In my opinion he is a hero. To slander the dead is disgusting and cruel, especially when you are so far off base.

  17. If anything they said was relevant to the prosecution wouldn't it be dismissed as inadmisable evidence after being press released?!?Sloppy journalism & police work!People crash here,eating donuts,milling around or lying in the streets.Then the picture!!!!You knew the image you where portraying.I think your a douchebag.Still haven't explained why you didn't question police?They are 2!

  18. Kevin Hoover

    Those people were exercising their right to free speech. isn't it insensitive of you to try and control and condemn other people over a situation you weren't even present at?
    Also, my dear dunce, your ≠ you're.

  19. you have no idea what you are talking about. everyone who knew him loved him. he was a beautiful person and outs sad that ignorant people like yourself have nothing but hate coming from your mouth. sounds like you have more in common with the shower than the beautiful people who had their lives taken by hate and anger.

  20. Terri-Lynn Frasher Patterson

    Oh I knew him. You shallow friends only saw what he wanted you to see. He was a thief. Ask most anyone in Michigan where he is from. Karma is a bitch. Shouldn't steal.

  21. Terri-Lynn Frasher Patterson

    I did want to shoot him in the face when he stole my car but I knew that someday he would steal from the wrong person and karma would get him. Looks like I was right.

  22. Zidàne Golightly

    Still so sad over this… Hope everyone living n the house has been able to find the smotional support, hospitality and community togetherness they need… ((( <3 ))).

  23. dead ppl are placed in a black coroner's bag, zipped up. obviously this guy is sleep. get a life and some common sense. rip Sunshine and Christina

  24. dead ppl are placed in a black coroner's bag, zipped up. obviously this guy is sleep. get a life and some common sense. rip Sunshine and Christina

  25. O'Neal Jones dead ppl are placed in a black coroner's bag, zipped up. obviously this guy is sleep. get a life and some common sense. rip Sunshine and Christina

  26. Had they been elderly or children I doubt they would have been left to lie in the street for hours while being questioned.I also think you would have attempted to portray them in a more dignified manor.You made it sound & look like everyone at the scene could care less about what happened & had no where better to go until police let them back into their crash pad.I'm obviously not the only one upset about YOUR negative portrayal of these witnesses & it sure seems like it was intentional.Whether it was or not we're all still waiting to hear YOUR apology.

  27. Kevin Hoover

    Alas, you're going to be waiting a long time, Ed. Probably forever. But look on the bright side – that will give you so much time to exercise your hobby of firing off misspelled demands for apologies about things you know next to nothing about.

    In fact, it's you who must apologize – to your second grade teacher, for embarrassing her with your every post. Surely she patiently explained to you the difference between "your" and "you're," and "manner" and "manor." Yet you continue to shame this woman. Why, Ed, why?

  28. At least I'm not a shame to my dear mother.YOUR poor mom has a child with no shame.

  29. Shame on you!I think now we can conclude that YOUR negative portrayal was intentional & that you are a self righteous hippie hating prick!!!

  30. Tracita Faie

    I am writing through a friend's page, I am Sunshine's mom and the first time I saw the picture, I was devastated because my mind was out of wack and thought… why is the dog sitting on Alan and the girl? I didn't understand why this picture had to be there either, then I gave it a second thought and realized it wasn't them. I think this picture should be retracted or at least the writer should have stated these were people kicked out of the house during the investigation. Nancy Jo Marcet

  31. Tracita Faie

    Terri-Lynn, you don't have a voice in this matter and it should be taken out of this comment page. The whole community knows Sunshine and so do I, Sunshine's mom (reading and typing on a friend's laptop). He took many bullets trying to protect her.

  32. ^only a true douche will point out grammar mistakes on a grieving mans post. Wtf?!

    I also felt your article and picture were tactless.

  33. Erick Battersby

    kevin hover your a dick but i agree with you

  34. Although I can see kevin hoovers point in saying he took a picture of the scene as it was. Attacking a greiving persons grammer just prooves the point that you are a horses…. who spray paints peoples houses and walks onto peoples property to snoop. I wish people like you would leave this community when I was a kid it was peaceful and beautiful and my super conservative dad would never turn on his neighbors the way you have and encourage other people to turn on their neighbors as well. It was my great pleasure to see the eye will be closing its doors soon. Because you can't report the way you want too. Don't you mean because everyone is so unhappy about the way you attack certain members of the community. Even my super conservative father thinks you went way over the line with the house spray painting. I hope you and the rest of the city of arcata love all the meth heads you r gonna get in town once the sin tax goes into effect. Instead of arcatayou and all people around you will have created meth death cata within 5 years. All of that said other than the picture the rest of your article was not as mean towards the victims as I would have expected

  35. he didnt steel from the tree dude he was trying to save a girl from a rapist. hope you never get what you want to get in life. no one deserves the comments you made unless they r a child rapist maybe. car theft is not a capitol punishment and should not be and why should any of us beleive you were not the theif yourself with the way you spewed hate about a murder victim. hope for your kids sake you grow up soon so you dont teach her to be a hateful teit like you. again please do not bring yourself here stay in michigan we do not want your kind here we want our sunshine back

  36. i meant to say hope you never get what you want to give other people cause a bullet to the face is awful for anyone no one deserves that he still had a mother you twit

  37. right on comment this lady sucks hope she realizes it and straightens up before she poisons the next generation


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