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Displaced houseguests outside the

Displaced houseguests huddle under blankets outside the house at 2457 Eye Street, with APD Community Service Office David Greaney manning the perimeter. KLH | Eye

Kevin L. Hoover

Eye Editor

EYE STREET – Two people, a male and a female, were killed in a house on Eye Street early this morning.

People staying at the house said that a suspect, another houseguest, shot the two with a revolver. Police have no one in custody, but are pursuing a “person of interest,” according to APD Lt. Ryan Peterson. [UPDATE: A suspect has been arrested.]

Victims have not been identified. The houseguests said the female was an 18-year-old high school student.

Peterson said the female was pronounced dead at the scene. The male died shortly thereafter at Mad River Community Hospital. names have not yet been released.

Arcata Police have the house cordoned off and are processing the scene. Another team is pursuing leads and tracking down witnesses.

What the houseguests say

This morning, nearly a dozen individuals milled about outside, some lying and sitting about in the street eating donuts and tending to pets. Several said that they had been staying at the house. “People crash here,” said one of the guests. Some said they had been staying at the house for two days.

About 2 a.m., the houseguests said, three to five shots rang out and the guests discovered the victims in the living room. They applied pressure to the victims’ bleeding wounds while 911 was called.

Police arrived, the guests were told to leave the home, and were interviewed by officers outside. They left all their possessions inside.

The suspect was described by the houseguests as an African-American man in his twenties who went by the name of “C Nasty.” He was dressed in gray sweat pants, with a “wife beater” sleeveless t-shirt and an Oakland Raiders cap.

He has a tattoo of a tree on his upper arm, and what was described as an “all-seeing eye.” All in all, said witnesses, the man had a “thuggish look.”

The houseguests characterized the man as unpleasant and sexually aggressive towards the women staying at the house. “He was drunk all the time,” said one. “He hit on every girl here.”

“He tried to feel up on me,” said a young woman sitting in the street holding a cat. “He was into terrible music.” The guests described the music as abrasive, with the term “thirsty-ass hoes” repeatedly used.

“He was really fucked up,” said a man. “He talked about Garberville, about the Bloods accepting him. Gang and drug talk.” The suspect was armed with some sort of baton, in addition to the firearm.

“We think he was trying to get with the girl,” said a man who had been in the house when the homicides occurred. The consensus scenario was that the suspect had solicited sex from the female, and that the male victim had tried to defend her.

The male victim apparently went by the name “Sunshine.” The female victim’s name is not yet disclosed.

The female victim  just turned 18 years old, the guests said. they described her a “sweet and nice,” and still in high school. “She was a bubbly young lady, full of life,” one guest said.

Investigation underway

Police Chief Tom Chapman is out of town, and Peterson is acting chief in his absence.

Peterson said even more people were staying at the house, and that they are being tracked down.

Evidence technicians are currently processing the house.

Updates when available…


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  1. Judi Hojnacki

    displaced house guest…sleeping on the ground in front of the house where a murder took place? huh? where is the red cross or some one else who can get her into a bed?

  2. Judi Hojnacki

    and wtf about a double homicide in arcata…this community is getting crazy (er).

  3. Rheannon Okey

    There is something seriously wrong with this scenario (aside from the murder, that is).

  4. Tera Mar

    Craziness getting way to close to home! I agree with Judi…why is the "houseguest" sleeping on the ground? Couldn't they have put them in the squad car? Strange…

  5. Melissa Campbell

    Couldn't that person have had a little respect for the people just murdered next to them and not be lying in the street sleeping like a lunatic?

  6. i've always heard that only guilty people can sleep when something like that is going on around them….

  7. Stephanie Dickinson

    Is that dog secured with a sock? What is going on there?!

  8. This is too sad.

  9. Sue Bell


  10. Shauna Lyn Maloy

    Trying to put myself in this scenerio… there is no way in hell i could sleep outside of a home where an 18 yr old girl and another person were just murdered. I would be seriously distraught even if i didn't know her. This picture says a thousand words of what we are lacking in this world. One of them: Empathy

  11. Christian Pennington

    A very quiet section of Arcata (but for the trains at the time). I lived on Jay street.

  12. Nancy Stephenson

    Maybe that pug needs a new home. The owner is clearly out of it.

  13. Jan Olsen-Carr

    The guests were eating donuts…this whole thing is so weird.

  14. Gaura Allen

    It seems to me that you are lacking empathy. Have you considered that the victims may have been close friends of this person?
    Perhaps he wanted to stay close to where they were last, maybe he was in shock? I honestly have no idea, but the comments here make me sick.

  15. your all fucking crazy and have no idea what your commenting on stop insulting the mourning and focus on doing something helpful like finding this person not making fun of a picture… GET A LIFE.

  16. This is next door to my parents house. They are fine but my goodness this is terrifying

  17. Kerry J Young

    Well Jan what else would you DO after a double homicide??? Idiots!

  18. Denise Nickerson

    Very sad and frightening!

  19. This is so fucked up. Arcata my beautiful small town please come out with any information.

  20. How scary!!! Did they hear anything?

  21. Meghan Vogel

    So sad. :(

  22. Amy Williams-Goddess

    This is way too close to home, right near my brother. It seems more like a flop house, not sure I'd classify them as house guests. Hence the sleeping on the sidewalk, no where else to go. My heart goes out to the friends and family of the deceased.

  23. The name "Eye Street" is kinda creepy… so is the Arcata Eye… So is Kevin Hoover…

  24. Kelli Nelson Spaulding

    If you look closely at the picture, it is two people under the blankets. I know it doesn't matter, but it just seems weird to me. I haven't been in that situation, so I don't know….

  25. ….. stay safe my dear Arcata friends

  26. Beatrijs DeWaard

    Scary! We have good friends that live on eye street. Sad.

  27. Virginia Raines Reed

    glad they are safe, but sure must be scary

  28. Barrett Kelley

    No it is not…. That block has had busts for heroin, coke, meth and pot in the last year alone.

  29. Barrett Kelley

    Shauna, its freezing cold outside and they might be material witnesses

  30. Julia Anna Neuman

    I thought so!! Craziness!

  31. hey hes a friend of mine and he spent all night being questioned then stuck outside of his home with his puppy with cameras in his face. Of course you can't put yourself in his shoes so why comment, too be smart… GOOD JOB! Sucks that a grad party was targeted last night with 2 very good people now not with us because of it.

  32. hey hes a friend of mine and he spent all night being questioned then stuck outside of his home with his puppy with cameras in his face. Of course you can't put yourself in his shoes so why comment, too be smart… GOOD JOB! Sucks that a grad party was targeted last night with 2 very good people now not with us because of it.

  33. that person stays their you Idiots

  34. Julie Silvey

    It shows two bodies but stats the male was pronounced dead at the hospital ??? So wired. Also why have the bodies in the street?? really? and the pour dog have to sit with the bodies ??? Wtf arcata

  35. my friend just died! and you making fun of my friend you lives their.. Horrible person!

  36. Priscilla Wilson

    Likely he said he was fine and just lay down there. The police had more important stuff to deal with than someone who can manage on his own at the moment. Lunatic?

  37. Elizabeth Cruz

    Oh shit! I think I know Sunshine!! This is so sad!!!!!!! ;.;

  38. They didn't hear but soon knew what happened. I knew one of the people that was killed such a vibrant spirit.

  39. Romanee Stanic

    You guys are ridiculous. Why does it matter that he's laying outside? Thats probably where he lives and didn't wanna go too far considering his friends were murdered. Have consideration. That's my friends house that it happened at, stop trying to come up with answers to a situation you don't know anything about. Have remorse. RIP Sunshine. Stay starry my friend

  40. Gretchen Lightcap McLachlan

    Appauled by people who make rash generalizations based on a picture at a time of a very very tragic event. Think before you speak, or write, or are you really that cold of people.

  41. Norman Cooper

    Sad but with AB-109 its going to get a lot worse in this state.

  42. Becky Hamilton

    This is soo so sad. My heart goes out to all the family and friends of the deceased. I hope they can find some peace and comfort in this difficult time.

  43. Romanee Stanic

    Oh and the fact that cops didn't want them to go too far Invar they needed more questions answered Esp if they live there

  44. It literally makes me sick some of you are part of this community!!!!!

  45. I think the Arcata Eye, and Kevin Hoover, should apologize for that picture! I mean when one first reads the headline, the picture itself is disconcerting…I live on Eye ST. The first thing I saw this morning online…this picture, I thought I was seeing a dead person covered in a blanket at first, on my street. I think Mr. Hoover owes that person a GIGANTIC APOLOGY! And needs to remove that photo!

  46. And maybe after trying desperately to save his friends life??? SORRY SORRY SORRY ASS PEOPLE ARE COMING OUT OF THE WOODWORK. I'm ashamed for this community. You people are what has changed this community for the worst! These types of attitudes used to be the opposite of what this community is about, now it's all about judging your neighbors instead of smiling at them!!!! Caught in your own delusions of grandeur!!!!

  47. Hoover, your a total and complete tool. you knew what you were doing by posting the picture of the people in the street. Your community pride crusade has reached a zenith of bullshit. I hope the view is worth the price. ps- I hope your enjoying the comments created by your amazing work.

  48. seriously…his friends were just killed. his stuff is inside a crime scene..he obviously didn't have anywhere to go. is that really the focus here?

  49. Where the f— are you supposed to go when your friends are shot by some thug motherf—er that shouldn't have been there in the first place, in the middle of the night? Have some sympathy people. RIP Sunshine and that girl… this news breaks my heart.

  50. Also, I agree completely with Phil, get some empathy people! Several people in our community knew and loved these victims. How would you feel if this'd happened to someone you love.


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