Homicide Suspect in Custody (Updated)

Saturday, May 18, 2013
Homicide suspect Bodhi Tree is led into APD. KLH | Eye

Homicide suspect Bodhi Tree is led into APD. KLH | Eye

Kevin L. Hoover

Eye Editor

SUNNY BRAE – Arcata Police have arrested Bodhi Tree, 28, in connection with the double homicide which occurred on Eye Street this morning.

A mugshot of Bodhi Tree from a previous arrest. HCSO photo

A mugshot of Bodhi Tree from a previous arrest. HCSO photo

Tree is well known to Arcata Police through previous contacts involving petty crime. He was arrested on Shirley Boulevard following a stakeout at a Marilyn Avenue residence where he had been spotted.

Police had responded to a call from a citizen who had sighted Tree on Marilyn Avenue in Sunny Brae. He had apparently been at a house neighbors say is frequented by travelers.

Arcata Police, Humboldt County Sheriff’s office deputies, Humboldt State University Police and California Highway Patrol officers blocked lower Beverly Drive west of Marilyn Avenue as the house was searched. But Tree was not located.

Shortly thereafter, Shirley Boulevard resident Mo Hollis said he was walking his young daughters and a neighbor girl to the neighbor’s house when Tree walked past them. The girls had been planning to walk there on their own; if they had, they would have passed Tree.

Hollis said Tree mumbled “Peace” in “a weird, low tone” when he walked by.

Back at Hollis’ house, his fiance Morgan Corviday happened to be looking out the window when she saw Tree look around, then hop into some bushes across the street. She immediately called police.

Corviday had read of the double homicide and was aware of the suspect’s description. That, couple with his suspicious behavior, led her to to alert police. “The guy obviously wasn’t from around here,” she said. “If he had just kept going, he would have gotten away.”

Police soon arrived, extricated Tree from the bushes and placed him under arrest.

Lt. Ryan Peterson said Tree is the only suspect in this morning’s twin homicides. He didn’t immediately know if Tree was armed at the time of his arrest.



47 Responses to “Homicide Suspect in Custody (Updated)”

  1. Rick Elliott

    Rot in hell

  2. What a punk, was involved in a high speed chase 2 years ago: http://www.times-standard.com/localnews/ci_19052943.

  3. Kelly Drops

    This happened in my old house
    And he killed my family member
    My heart is broken, I hope sunny and Christina receive the justice they deserve. Beautiful lives taken way too early.

  4. Erica Moeller

    Is that Bodhi from godfrey?

  5. This guy killed someone in your family? If it was him, or someone else, I hope whoever it is gets put away forever. I'm sorry to hear something like this happened to you.

  6. Traci Marcroft Barnwell

    Hang em' high!

  7. yeah was wondering this myself. hard to tell…hope not : 0(

  8. oh man. that new mugshot looks like him.

  9. things that make u say……booont

  10. like in labyrinth..drop em in an "obliette"..a place where you put someone to forget about em.

  11. Jeff Schmitt

    What? APD just nabbed this guy in what, 12 hours? And all you want to do is bitch about your personal agenda? How about a pat on the back for APD!

  12. Travelers? Can we start calling them vagrants again? Also, this seems more like a murder than a homicide. (all due respect Kevin).

  13. Kevin Hoover

    I don't like judgmental terms like vagrant and transient. Just me. Traveler doesn't bother me as basically, we're all travelers. As for murder, that's for the court to determine. Homicide is what I know happened, not murder. And as Rosemary, my editor at the Union used to say, "report what you know."

  14. […] Bodhi Tree, 28, arrested in connection with this morning’s double homicide.  (Kevin Hoover/Arcata Eye) […]

  15. Kevin Hoover

    Wikipedia: "Murder is the unlawful killing, with malice aforethought, of another human, and generally this premeditated state of mind distinguishes murder from other forms of unlawful homicide (such as manslaughter)."

    I don't know what this guy was thinking.

  16. I appreciate your efforts at objectivity Kevin. Traveler, I feel is far too benign a word for describing these people. I think even the most tolerant among us are sick and tired of their ilk and the drag they have been on our town for so many years now. Forget about taking a young family downtown with exposing them to profanity and worse perhaps. I think also, when you kill one person, maybe a homicide, two people, a murder.( LCO reported that APD says murder btw)

  17. Hank Sims

    Kevin is right. You can call him a murder suspect, but you can't yet rightly call what happened a murder.

  18. fair enough, I'm just wondering how does one kill two people in their home without intent? Seems the APD might concur. Maybe he was just high on junk food?

  19. Stacie Jensen

    So are we assuming he killed those two poor people because he looked suspicious and hopped in a bush? Some people live in bushes around here-not to mention people do weird stuff when they are flying high like a lot of travelers in the county. If it was him-I'm happy they caught him! Arcata is becoming less safe theses days for sure!

  20. Meui S. Mckiblin

    This is Bird. Yes, it is Bodhi from the Godfrey.

  21. Meui S. Mckiblin

    This is Bird. Yes, it is Bodhi from the Godfrey.

  22. He is from the area actually.

  23. If you reported what you know, then your paper would be a pile of shit. hold on, i just realized it is. keep on reporting what you know!

  24. How terribly tragic. All around. :(

  25. That's definitely the Bodhi we know. That happened right up the road from where I live. That is really sad.

  26. C'mon Thic man try n be sensitive..

  27. Al was truly a RAY OF SUNSHINE in this world. I cannot remember one time EVER seeing him upset/angry/sad/mad…he always was smiling and spreading positivity…Just being around him made you happy…there was no other choice in his presence. He was killed doing the only thing he knew…taking care of those around him. What a terrible loss. Two young lives taken MUCH to soon! I hope whom ever committed this disgusting act rots in hell for all of eternity. So thankful they have arrested him, I just hope the justice system serves these victims one last time. We need more people like Sunshine on this Earth…and many less ignorant a**holes walking around. So tragic! RIP SUNSHINE!

  28. Is that C Nasty, the guy who listens to abrasive music which repeatedly use the terms "thirsty-ass hoes"?

  29. Kevin Hoover

    Yes, APD is recommending murder charges. The DA will decide what is actually charged.

  30. i cant, not for a dueche bag like him. i know who he is…let him rott in prison

  31. You should be in custody Kondo!

  32. Holly Hofstetter

    This person will get what's comming to him. Karmas a bitch and you better hope she nice. Witch in ur case, since you murdered a totally defenseless person, who I have know since I was 15. I'm now 28. And I'm from his hometown in Michigan. This makes me wanna book a flight and come and give u what's comming to u personally. ROT IN HELL!!!

  33. Hey calm down pal, I never called your good friend a vagrant if you read the posts. I was criticizing Kevin for calling the the people he hung out with as travelers. If you have a problem with that, then that's too bad.

  34. Kevin Hoover

    I just don't think "vagrant" is accurate. I remember when Pete was described as a "transient" all the time. And yet he was as much an Arcata resident as me.

  35. Kinda looks like Bizzy Bone actually.

  36. Bob-o Schultze

    Is that Warren's son?

  37. I admit "vagrant" is a harsh term, but surely "we are all travelers" can't be true either?

  38. Yes, same Bodhi.

  39. Justice will be served. RIP Al we all will never forget u.

  40. From your old fam here in Fenton, MI. This man that did this to u and ur friend will get what they deserve.

  41. I grew up with Sunshine in here in Fenton, MI if u have any more info please keep me posted. So many people here still love Al and really want to know.

  42. Timothy Bolton

    justice will be served.

  43. Excuse me, but whys he look so beat up after his arrest and everyone's all certain he did it?
    So just kill em. No need for a boring trial.
    Just sayin. Everyone loves an identified scapegoat.

  44. George Chaline

    I'm so glad sombody responded to his sketchy ass creeping!the person that called should get an award!ill just give a big thank you for having instinct to respond

  45. Some one asked why he looked beat up, its because he was. He inapproperatly touched a girl at a dinner party and he wouldn't stop so they took him outside. Two days later he shot a friend of ours at the same house when he answered the door even though he was not the one who beat him up, just did not care or just started shootng before he saw who was answering, then a couple days later he kills those people in Arcata. Evil, just evil.

  46. They found that the bullets fit both murders and the one that shot our friend, thank god i would have hated to think there was another evil person walking our streets. This man is gone forever and we are safer, thank goodness.

  47. […] now being processed is just down the street from where accused double murderer Bodhi Tree was apprehended on May […]


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