Homicide Victims Identified

Monday, May 20, 2013
Alan "Sunshine" Marcet

Alan “Sunshine” Marcet

Christina Schwartz

Christina Schwartz

Eye Staff Report

HUMBOLDT – The Humboldt County Coroner’s Office has identified the two victims in Saturday’s gunshot deaths on Eye Street.

They are Christina Schwarz, 18, a Eureka High School student, and Alan Marcet, 27, a Michigan resident also known as “Sunshine.”

The Coroner’s Office said the deaths were “gunshot related,” but didn’t say how many rounds were used in the victims’ deaths.

Bodhi Tree, 28, has been arrested on two counts of murder in connection with the deaths.


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  1. What a sad and pathetic person you are to only be able to say anything negative after a person is deceased. IF you had any real argument or valid point you would have said it to the person's face while they were living, not attacking them on the internet after they are deceased. I wish you find a place of peace in your life where you no longer hurt those around you and know what it means to really be free. Until then, if then ever happens(which from what I have heard of your past is unlikely since it seems you do not know how to learn from experience) please stay away from the beautiful community we have worked so hard to build off of love and understanding since you obviously have none.

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