Homicide Victims Identified

Monday, May 20, 2013
Alan "Sunshine" Marcet

Alan “Sunshine” Marcet

Christina Schwartz

Christina Schwartz

Eye Staff Report

HUMBOLDT – The Humboldt County Coroner’s Office has identified the two victims in Saturday’s gunshot deaths on Eye Street.

They are Christina Schwarz, 18, a Eureka High School student, and Alan Marcet, 27, a Michigan resident also known as “Sunshine.”

The Coroner’s Office said the deaths were “gunshot related,” but didn’t say how many rounds were used in the victims’ deaths.

Bodhi Tree, 28, has been arrested on two counts of murder in connection with the deaths.


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  1. Timothy Bolton

    This weekend my best friend and brother, best friend and brother to pretty much everyone he met, Sunshine DayDreamer, and his girlfriend Christina Schwarz, were shot and killed for resisting her being raped. They were killed because the complaints of several other women over the previous week that the scumbag Bohdi Tree had tried to rape them as well, were ignored, and he was allowed to continue staying at the house which was a 'crash pad' for many kind and innocent people. He should have been in jail for attempted rape… instead the voices of several women were IGNORED, something that happens WAY too much in our society. Let this be a reminder to all of us… NO means NO… and when a woman (or anyone for that matter) has the COURAGE to speak up against sexual assault, or any kind of injustice… LISTEN! Tell the proper authorities, and put potential rapists and murderers behind bars where they deserve to be. Saint Sunshine you are a brave soul who lost his life for standing up against the horrible atrocity of rape of an innocent 18 year old girl… you are a HERO, and you most certainly prevented the future rape of more innocent women. Thank you for all of your LIGHT and inspiration over the years.. for SO many EPIC times I can't even count them. You are a true brother, and you will never be forgotten. I love and miss you so much already. Til the next time my friend… {{{ ♥

  2. And the NRA fights on against background checks.

  3. and that is because…more guns keep us safer and by the way…the number one priority is jobs!

  4. Kim Davidson

    R.I.P. Sunshine, your light will live on for eternity in the smiles of those who loved you.

  5. John Donnelly

    27 and dateing a girl in high school?

  6. Raja Hologram

    You probably dont know who the fuck your talking about but sunshine was dearly loved by about half the world and the guy that shot them I heard was probably trying to rape the girl and Sunshine gave his life protecting her. If she was lucky enough to be with such a great guy it was a blessing in her life as he has been in ever single persons life he has touchecd You are super offensive with this comment about a best friend that just was tragically killed… please take this post down right now…

  7. Lainy Lynn Orta


  8. John Donnelly

    Sorry about your friend. But I'm entitled to my own opinion. Funny how people get so bent outta shape when someone doesn't share there views.

  9. he wasnt dating her dummy, it was at a house party where the dude that shot them was trying to molest her and sunshine tried to stop him. he had no problem dating girls his age and im almost positive he didnt even know this girl that well. I realize the way this is posted makes it look like they were a couple but im pretty sure they werent? and its easy to get people bent out of shape who just had a friend get murdered. congrats on getting a laugh out of others pain. I've never seen sunshine dating a minor though, I always saw him with super cute girls around our age (I'm 26). where did you hear he was dating this girl?

  10. I doubt that kid bought the gun legally, he was a "blood" from garborville (not sure how that works?)… pretty easy to get illegal guns down there though and im almost positive this kid didnt go buy a gun… I still agree with ya though, I hate guns

  11. Raja Hologram

    seriously take this down our your going to have a lot of very angry people

  12. Raja Hologram

    You said you have an 18yo daughter too so maybe if something this tragic happens to HER you will have some idiot like yourself say stupid ass shit about the knight in rainbow armor that tried to save her. then maybe you will know what you look like… your a total ass dude delete these comments…

  13. I am so sorry for your lost brother. I know bhodi and he really messed up. he gets drunk and doesnto

  14. Michelle Wahlfeldt

    RIP Sunshine, this is such a loss to take such a caring fun souls life, and you will be missed by so many people throughout this world. May you play your instruments, and shine so brightly over your loved ones, especially James who will need comfort at this time of his brothers loss. You have touched so many people in your lifetime and are loved by so many, may you rest in peace Sunshine! It was a pleasure to have met you and many many hugs sent to the family of Christina.

  15. Ky D-Shaw

    I didnt know about this until just now =[ you will be missed my friend… prayers out to the families, stay strong

  16. May you rip sunshine! Your spirit will forever live on. Thoughts and prayers to the families <3

  17. You aren't expressing a stance on something that even pertains to this post. It doesn't even say in the article that they had any romantic involvement, the guy could have just been there trying to help the girl out. People are bent out of shape not because of different view points, but because you are being a fucking troll on message board full of people grieving the death of their friend.

  18. Shana Rae

    Well maybe you should read and see that they were both killed and it said nothing about him dating her, he was trying to help her and that is what a good person would do. Even if he was dating her does that excuse the taking of life John your a douche . Have some respect or go play in traffic.

  19. I loved al like a brother I always had so much fun with h when we hung, even if only for an hour or so. Ill miss him dearly. Does anyone know if business james knows yet. And on another note fuck you john u have no idea the type of person al was. He was a good person with a huge heart and as blake said he never in the time that we knew him dated anyone almost ten years younger than himself but even if he did so what your just an ass and if u have norhing good to say don't say anything.

  20. omg =( this happened yesterday ??

  21. Holly Hofstetter

    Al it's Holly from Michigan. I can't believe I'm even writing this. I can't believe, still how u left this earth. But u always did what u thought was the morally right thing to do until the day you left this planet. I Love you. And always will《♡♥♡》Holly :'(

  22. im sorry to all those who lost their friend. I too know the feeling of lost

  23. Sunshine was a beautiful soul full of happiness and smiles. He spent time with family at our last Bear Dance in the area and was singing our songs and dancing the whole time. I hate to see someone so young and full of life go so early. Much love to his friends and family. We are burning candles in honor of his life.

  24. Amy Woodard


  25. Amy Woodard

    what to type, I just am not sure. I am so sorry for what your family is going through. I worked at South Bay when Christina was a student there. I am sorry that people are making assumptions about a relationship that would not change the tragedy of what happened even if it was so. I hope that this man gets what he deserves for what he has stolen.

  26. Kyle, when I saw his picture and realized it was Sunshine it made me sick. As I set crying I posted on the northern River Bears site about what had happened :( He will always be in my mind, smiling and dancing! So sad to see 2 young lives taken.

  27. Terri-Lynn Frasher Patterson

    Sunshine Stole my car a few years back, after I kicked him out of my house for stealing. He was a loser theif that had no business hanging out with a high school girl. She is the true victim. Sunshine, it was only a matter of time before someone killed him. I know I wanted too when he stold my car!

  28. Terri-Lynn Frasher Patterson

    It was only a matter of time before someone killed him, he was a low life theif!!!!

  29. Terri-Lynn Frasher Patterson

    he was a loser theif that stold my car!!!

  30. Terri-Lynn Frasher Patterson

    Sunshine was a loser theif!!!! he stole my car in 20087 and took it to California, you people have no clue!!!!

  31. Terri-Lynn Frasher Patterson

    Rest in Peace you loser theif! If you did defend this girl and die for it, well maybe you will find some mercy. You fooled alot of people but the ones that you shit on, we still remember.

  32. Derka Potter

    The hate filled in your heart will be your own downfall.

  33. Terri-Lynn Frasher Patterson

    Not hate, anger and bitterness. When he stole my car after I gave him a place to live for 6 months, it almost ruined me. I was a single mother and had no way to take my child to school, or anywhere for that matter. Sunshine did not care, he just selfishly stole from the person who had taken his hippy ass in. Taught me a lot about trust.

  34. Treasure Evolution Lunan

    Terri-Lynn, darling. You need to get a grip. People make mistakes and people change. That was almost seven years ago. Let it go, it's only hurting you to hold on to all that anger. There are people grieving about the loss of a friend. The loss of a life.
    You have the right to feel how you feel & you are entitled to your opinion but blowing up a memorial page with negative comments while people are grieving is disrespectful and cold hearted.

  35. um you suck. hope you r never someones mom. and if u are and something happens to your kid i hope to god you get just as much sympathy as you gave

  36. feel free to cuss me out and say crappy crap back sunshine was my friend and i am a mother and you f…ing suck as a human being. he was a good person but even if what you said was true no ones child deserves that

  37. just saw you r a mother so sad. and again even if he stole your car years ago you r still the worse person for what you said. have fun justifying your judgmental self to the lord for wishing harm on another

  38. and please do not ever come to humboldt you and the tree guy are the two types who r ruining our awsome comunity

  39. you deserve to get shit on you bitter bitch. Everyone has faults and everyone does things in their lives they are not proud of. Those things do not define you as a person. How dare you disrespect the dignity of the dead in a place where his friends come to grieve. Keep your despicable thoughts to yourself. You have a black heart and I would have jacked your piece of shit car too if I had to deal with an ugly fucking attitude like yours. Kick gravel and travel. You embarrass women everywhere with a tactless and close-minded outlook.
    This page is not about you and you are pathetic for how desperately you tried to draw attention to yourself .
    RIP and my condolences to the friends and family dealing with this tragic loss <3

  40. You don't know what your talking about Terri. I'm not going to go to your level.. We all know who he was, and your opinion don't matter one bit. . Your a horrible person.. And everyone already knows that.. This just shows your true colors. Your not in my life for a reason. So take your negativity somewhere else..

  41. He never stole her car. Shes just seriously crazy.. I used to know her.. We all know Sunshine and the person he was.. One bad seed can't change our feelings.

  42. I hope boaty goes to hell.

  43. Kelby Lynn

    What a cunt – And I don't use that word lightly. YOU are what is wrong with humanity and Sunshine was all that is RIGHT with humanity. Like Juliet said, stop trying to make this about you. People are grieving over their friend, one who brought light and love in to this universe, one who gave his life to protect a young lady. Maybe you should try to do something BEYOND YOURSELF and then maybe your world will start to change for the better.

  44. Kelby Lynn

    Sunshine succeeded in life, where you Terri are failing miserably. I don't believe in God, but at least now I know if there is one I won't have to share heaven with the likes of people like you!

    "To laugh often and much, to win the respect of intelligent people
    and affection of children; to earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends; to appreciate beauty, to find the best in others; to leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch or redeemed
    social condition; to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded."

  45. Lake Owens

    Teri, you suck. I hope a big rock falls on your ego.

  46. I dont even live in humboldt, but my brother and sister both do, and Butters would be ASHAMED of anyone here who is insulting the deceased. everyone is intitled to their own opinion but to be a fuckin inconciderate twat just because you didnt like the person? there are special places in hell for people like that


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