Bodhi Tree A Suspect In Eureka Shooting

Thursday, June 27, 2013
A mugshot of Bodhi Tree from a previous arrest. HCSO photo

A mugshot of Bodhi Tree from a previous arrest. HCSO photo

 EPD Press Release

 As reported earlier, on 5/15/13 the Eureka Police Department responded to the 1900 block of J Street in Eureka in response to the shooting of Rhett August. August was transported to St. Joseph Hospital. He was subsequently released from the hospital and continues to heal.

On 5/18/13 the Arcata Police Department responded to a double homicide in the City of Arcata. The Arcata Police Department arrested Bodhi Tree in connection with the homicides in their jurisdiction.

On 6/27/13 the Eureka Police Department forwarded a case to the District Attorney naming Tree as the suspect in the Rhett August shooting. EPD has suggested the case be filed as an attempted homicide. Tree remains in custody on the APD case.

If you have any information on the Eureka shooting please call Lead Detective Peter Cress at (707) 441-4390, Senior Detective Ron Harpham at (707) 441-4305 or the Eureka Police Department’s main number at (707) 441-4060. If you have information specific to the homicides in Arcata contact Lt. Ryan Peterson at (707) 822-2428.


4 Responses to “Bodhi Tree A Suspect In Eureka Shooting”

  1. Mike Bernsten

    Fucking disgrace.

  2. Kelly Drops

    This low life murdered my friend.
    I don't wish harm upon people, but seeing his face makes me feel deep down inside that he deserves all the sadness he has created, 3 fold. He lives, while bright souls have passed on. Its heartbreaking.

  3. Kamille Brooke Love

    Makes me sad that the presence of your friend ended in such a sad way. You know more than most that this person who did this will carry that karma and sadly brought it into his experience. I send you some love, you know your friend is sure to pop up in one way or another. Stay strong beautiful one <3


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