Flicks At Bayside Park Farm Saturday

Tuesday, June 4, 2013
A Flicks at the Farm event at Bayside Park Farm in 2011. KLH | Eye

A Flicks at the Farm event at Bayside Park Farm in 2011. KLH | Eye

SUNNY BRAE – Your local farmers at Bayside Park Farm invite you to a free Flicks on the Farm outdoor film night at 8:30 p.m. on Saturday, June 8 at 930 Old Arcata Road in Sunny Brae.

The event features an open-air screening of film festival sensation, Dirt! The Movie.

Dirt! explores the nature of soil, the living skin of the earth and tells the tale of the relationship between society and soil.

Filmgoers are encouraged to dress warmly and bring lawn chairs or blankets and a small flashlight. Organic popcorn will be available for a donation. (615) 427-9372, parkfarm@cityofarcata.org.

Farm shares available

Now is the time to secure your farm share from the Bayside Park Farm before the vegetable harvesting begins. Enjoy 21 weeks, from June until November, of some of the freshest organic produce available, grown with care by local farmers.

Each farm share costs $450 and each week’s box of produce will feed about three or four people. That’s about $22 a week for organic, locally grown food.

Community supported agriculture, or CSAs, are a way for people to buy local, seasonal food directly from a farmer. Members of the CSA support their farmers by pledging their commitment and purchasing a share in the spring.

Once harvest begins, shareholders pick up their portion of weekly produce at the farm.

Buying directly from the farmer keeps your dollars local, builds a sustainable economy and cuts down on greenhouse gas emissions from trucking in food.

Bayside Park Farm is a two-acre vegetable farm located in the City’s Bayside Park on Old Arcata Road. The farm has been operated since 1993 by blossoming student farmers.

To buy a share in your community organic farm, contact the Arcata Recreation Division office at (707) 822-7091. Shares can also be purchased at cityofarcata.org/departments/parks-recreation/.

For more information about CSAs and the farm, call Farmer Jayme at (615) 427-9372 or Farmer Leandra at (951) 258-4609, or e-mail baysideparkfarm@cityofarcata.org.


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  1. Hi Bayside Park Farm Folks!

    I live in Northern, VA and recently saw the film, "Dirt! The Movie" and I plan to watch it again this weekend. It's a wonderful insightful cinematic presentation of the incredible importance of the living skin of our Mother Planet "Earth." This analogy I use for the wonders of Mothers skin just begs for reflection. We all remember the loving nurturing sensation of and in some cases actual nutrient providing contact with our spiritual Earthly Mothers skin. It's no different from contact with properly cared for Mothers Earths skin. I found this film on Netflix and can recommend another excellent film having to do with our relationship with our Living Planet Earth and it's called, "Queen of the Sun: What Are the Bees Telling Us?" Director Taggart Siegel. This is a must see as it raises a flag with regard to the endangered Honeybee. Without whose presence in the natural scheme there will be a massive breakdown of the living plant community which depends almost entirely on the honeybee for the extension of its propagation function.

    This film too I obtained access to through Netflix, which I'm sure you all have access to their in Arcata. But if not, I'd be glad to get the CD through my account and loan it to you all for viewing. But you must promise to turn it in when you're done with it. It comes with a postage paid return envelope. You just need to pop it in the mail. Let me know and tell me what address to send it to.

    I love what you all are doing there with CSA. Keep up the good work. Mother Earth and I love your for it. I need to see if anything like that is going on here in VA. :)

    Be Well


  2. Craig Stock

    Monsanto is saturating our earth's skin with chemical poisons and must be stopped.


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