Geraldine’s Porch Pot Returns, Sans Tree

Tuesday, July 2, 2013
Photos courtesy Harry Simpson

Photos courtesy Harry Simpson

11th STREET – It took almost a year, but on the evening of July 1, Geraldine Goldberg’s stolen pot returned to her 11th Street home. It came back without the tree, but with a note expressing something sort of resembling remorse, but leaving some questions unanswered.

“Why they had to cut the tree off, I don’t know,” Geraldine said. Also, who “loves” looking at something they know they stole every day, without being reminded that they are a thief? People who snort cocaine, apparently. Geraldine’s just glad to have her pot back. “It’s pretty cool,” she said, “and a little creepy.”

Above left, the piece that ran in the Eye last year. Right, the returned pot and note.


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