Smash & Snatch Ends In Arrest Of Man With Facial Asymmetry

Thursday, July 18, 2013
Anthony Wayne George

Anthony Wayne George

HCSO Press Release

On Wednesday, May 17 at about 3 p.m. the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office received a call from a citizen who reported witnessing a man smash a driver’s side car window on a 2002 Toyota Camry at Mad River Beach parking lot.

The witness said after the man smashed the window of the vehicle he reached inside and unlocked the trunk from which he removed two purses. The witness provided a description of the suspect to the Sheriff’s Office Dispatcher. Deputies were immediately dispatched to the scene. While deputies were en route to the Mad River Parking lot, another witness called the Sheriff’s Office and said he was following the suspect who was now riding a bicycle heading eastbound on Mad River Road.

A deputy in the McKinleyville area responded to the Hammond Trail Bridge on the north side in case the suspect fled that direction, while other deputies responded to the scene. The witness told the dispatcher he watched the suspect ride onto the Hammond Trail Bridge and a deputy met the suspect on the north side (Fischer Road, McKinleyville) and detained him.

When the deputies arrived at the Mad River Beach Parking area they located and spoke with the victim. The detained suspect was identified by witnesses as the man who broke into the vehicle. Deputies located some of the victim’s stolen property in the suspect’s possession, and recovered the stolen purses stashed in nearby bushes.

Deputies arrested Anthony Wayne George, 45, from Fieldbrook. When they arrested George they located burglary tools, several knives and less than an ounce of marijuana in his possession.

George was transported to the Humboldt County Correctional facility where he was booked for possession of stolen property, burglary, possession of burglary tools, possession of less than an ounce of marijuana and violation of probation. George was on felony probation for possession of illegal drugs. His bail was set at $50,000.


22 Responses to “Smash & Snatch Ends In Arrest Of Man With Facial Asymmetry”

  1. Becky Hamilton

    I fail to grasp what his facial asymmetry has to do with this story.

  2. Kevin Hoover

    Other than the suspect having it, nothing really.

  3. Kevin Hoover is a symmetricist! I knew it.

  4. Lauraine Leblanc

    Kevin Hoover is a closet phrenologist.

  5. I have permanent bell's palsy, left-side facial paralysis, and I'm mildy offended by that headline. That guy doesn't have Bell's palsy, Myasthenia Gravis or any other obvious hemifacial pariesis. What were you trying to say?

  6. Kevin Hoover

    I was trying to say that an alleged crime resulted in the arrest of a man with facial asymmetry. We all have it to some degree, some more pronouncedly than others, like Anthony here.

  7. Patricia Webber

    Really, that is really strange, what the hell???

  8. Kevin Hoover well whatever he's got he definitely needs to use sunscreen ;-).

  9. Patricia Webber

    What does facial asymmetry have to do with crime?

  10. Patricia Webber

    The media demonizes people with hoodies… it's people with facial asymmetry…SMH.

  11. guess I'm a certified visible criminal now. Hope CA doesn't have "Stand Your Ground" laws or now some paranoid asshole can legally shoot me for eating skittles and talking on the cell phone in his neighborhood.

  12. Kevin Hoover

    Who is "demonizing" anyone? The man has facial asymmetry. So do I. So do you. So what?

  13. Patricia Webber

    Stan's right

  14. Patricia Webber

    War on people with asymmetrical faces now……sheeeesh!! The media never quits…..

  15. Kevin, that is bullshit. I woke up w/ the entire left side of my face paralyzed on February 13 1997 and it's been paralyzed ever since, even after over a million $$ in surgeries, therapies, etc;. Not that it's your beeswax, but, for me, it's a symptom of Melkersson-Rosenthal Syndrome, a rare birth defect that even more rarely manifests itself. But my point is, it was 14 (FOURTEEN) years before my Drs personally introduced me to another person w/ hemifacial paralysis. I had swapped emails and pics w/ a woman from Sweden but for 14 FUCKING long years, I was the only person I evr saw (in the mirror) w/ half a face. You are full of shit and you'll be lucky if I don't make you prove your "theory" @ least in the court of public opinion if not the civil courts.

  16. And I've lived in SoHum since 1989 and have dozens of friends who will back my story. It was in fact a tragedy that ended my maritime career and ruined my life.

  17. Kevin Hoover

    Patricia Webber What makes it a war?

  18. Kevin Hoover

    Stan Williams You have a delightful personality.

  19. spend 16 yrs w/ a half paralyzed face and uselessly invest half your adult life on a career you not only enjoyed but actually provided an upwardly mobile future all b/c of a disease you didn't even know existed much less carried in your genes and you might cop an attitude when someone compares your disability to some tweeker w/ meth mouth, too, dude.

  20. Look, I'm sure you're like me in the sense that I didn't even know the condition existed until it manifested in me so I doubt you attacked me personally or anyone else who may actually have noticeable facial asymmetry. It may have been your commentary on the poor quality of mugshots for all I know. I apologize for the overreaction.

  21. Kevin Hoover

    No problem Stan. I am of course sorry for your affliction.

  22. I think it was pretty stupid for the arcata eye to even put that comment about his face in there…it just shows that there must be a bunch of retards that work at the arcata eye newspaper.


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