Failed Robbery Suspect Arrested

Wednesday, August 7, 2013
Butler-Smith allegedly lost a gunfight with Esteban Matias and his knife. KLH | Eye

Butler-Smith allegedly lost a gunfight with Esteban Matias and his knife. KLH | Eye

City of Arcata




OnWednesday July 24 2013, at approximately 6:15 p.m., officers from the Arcata Police Department responded to the La Chiquita Taqueria in the 700 block of 10th Street for the report of an attempted robbery.

Sean Butler-Smith

Sean Butler-Smith

Upon the officers’ arrival they spoke to the owner who reported an unknown man hadjust attempted to rob him at gun point. The owner had been in the back when he heard someone tap on the front counter requesting service. When he came to thecounter the suspect grabbed him by the hair and pushed a small pistol to his neck and demanded money.

The owner was able to retrieve a large kitchen knifefrom behind the counter and fend off the suspect. The owner then chased the suspect from the business and down the street.

The suspect was described as a white male adult, 5’5″ tall, dark hair, wearinga red hoodie with white writing and a white hat.

Over thepast two weeks investigators developed information that Sean Butler-Smith, 26, was responsible for the attempted robbery.

On August 6, detectives located Butler-Smith in the 900 block of Scenic Dr. inTrindad and he was taken into custody without incident.

Butler-Smithwas booked into the Humboldt County Correctional facility on charges of 211 PC,robbery, 11350 H&S, possesion of a controlled substance, 11377 H&S,possesion of a controlled substance, 1203.2 probation violation and for threeoutstanding arrest warrants.

21 Responses to “Failed Robbery Suspect Arrested”

  1. Scotty Appleford

    I just saw that kid at the 76 in Mactown on Monday. He used to be a student of mine..Super proud!

  2. Kyle Jensen

    Used to work at Dons should have kept his day job

  3. Michaela Joy Murphy

    Ever heard of addiction assholes. I am not ptoud, I am heartbroken. I am his mother.

  4. Having an addiction is no excuse for putting a gun to someone, asshole.

  5. Rachael Iverson

    I really hope this will be a blessing in disguise and can lead to him getting the help he needs. Sorry Michaela.

  6. Michaela Joy Murphy

    It is never okay to hurt or try to hurt someone, addiction or not. And I do hope he is held accountable for his actions.

  7. Michaela Joy Murphy

    Never worked at Dons btw!

  8. Michaela Joy Murphy

    Wow. How professional!

  9. I hope that he can turn things around. We've all known people who have descended and, somehow risen again.

  10. Most often, chemical dependency is not wanton, willful, misbehavior…instead it is the result of a bio-psychosocial response. Perhaps certain behaviors could be deemed to be morally objectionable, however, I do not believe that the use, misuse, abuse or chemical dependency of alcohol and other drugs is a moral issue. Uninformed and stereotypical viewpoints on this cause even more problems. Socially constructed misinformation can only bring harm.

  11. Ggina Lawrence

    SO SORRY Michaela! Please do not continue to follow these posts they will only bring you down! I LOVE YOU!~♥~ See YOU Saturday!

  12. very well said Leavin Dodge!! treatment could be his turn around!!

  13. people with this way of looking at life pointing guns ! shooting innocent people like on eye street, i can even imagine body tree and this guys hang out together . this attitudes need to be controlled when there is still time to set an example ,unless u want an outbreak of criminals running fearless in our community ,this are the crucial times SET EXAMPLE 0 tolerance to violent armed ,incidents .

  14. Shannon Cunningham

    <3 You're an amazing member of the Humboldt Tribe mama Michaela!

  15. Shannon Cunningham

    This isn't Sean, this was the action of an addict, thankfully a little part of Sean came through (he's still in there!!!) and he fled instead of using the gun-that's the Sean we all know no matter the situation making the right choice when it counts.

  16. Shannon Cunningham

    Jose Maria Molins I missed the part when Sean shot anyone…inFACT Sean made the choice not to do so and fled instead. I've known Sean since he was about 2 years old, when I saw him less than a year ago he didn't have a clue who I was-he needs help right now because somewhere deep down he's still in there-otherwise we'd be reading about a shooting.

  17. Shannon Cunningham

    From teacher to "chef" at a market…I'm sure you are super proud. No doubt this type of conduct is why you're so esteemed in the community as well. Hey Scotty what's on your record ?

  18. Kelly Micheal Love

    Accepting friend request?

  19. Michaela Joy Murphy Your son Tyler Butler-Smith has been stalking me for five years. Today he posted a hateful message on my job site. He said, "Be careful men, she will rot your soul." Besides the 40+ calls I have made to the police, I bought a high powered shotgun. Talk to your sociopathic son, before he gets shot. Love, Rose


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