Two Arrested In Valley West Prostitution Sting

Friday, August 16, 2013


Ashley Winfrey

Ashley Winfrey


City of Arcata




On Thursday, Aug. 15, officers from the Arcata Police Department conducted a prostitution sting operation in the Valley West area.

Prostitution has become a problem for Valley West motels and the Arcata Police Department has received requests to assist with abatement.

Prostitution has brought a variety of criminal activity into our community.  Armed robberies and weapon possession cases have been attributed to prostitutes and suspected pimps at our local motels.  



Patrice Denham

Patrice Denham

The Arcata Police Department has also seen a correlation between traveling prostitutes and the trafficking of controlled substances such as large quantities of marijuana as well as heroin and methamphetamine.

During the operation undercover officers contacted prostitutes who were using the internet to advertise.  A meeting was arraigned and when the prostitutes solicited the officer, they were arrested.

Patrice Weems, 23 of Eureka and Ashley Winfrey, 22 of Eureka were both arrested and booked into the Humboldt County Correctional Facility on charges of 647(b) PC, Prostitution.

According to the HCSO, Weems was booked under the name Patrice Denham.

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11 Responses to “Two Arrested In Valley West Prostitution Sting”

  1. Wolf Anderson

    A 22 and a 23 year old??!?!?!?! That is profoundly sad……

  2. How that would surprise you is beyond me.

  3. Kevin Hoover

    Fred Mangels He didn't say it surprised him. He said it saddened him.

  4. Devon O'Leary

    *sarcasm mode engaged* because it's totally not sad if the prostitutes are old. I mean once you're old, and too ugly to land a husband then it's completely okay to go and sell yourself on the street for money. But these girls were young. These girls were attractive. These girls could have been something if only a real man (wolf perhaps) had gotten to them before these pimps had filled these girls heads with thoughts of economic exploitation and classism. The girl in that photo is hot enough to be doing 12 hour shifts at Denny's earning minimum wage as a waitress! Why would she ever sell her body and do drugs? People hate those things! And there is no way that it pays better and takes less effort. Why couldn't these girls just wait 20 or 25 years after living in abject poverty with a long string of abusive boyfriends and husbands before trying to achieve financial independence? I know that if I was ever going to get a prostitute I would pick the one who looks like an old fishwife made of leather over a 20 something blonde girl! *sarcasm mode disengaged* The sad part about this story is not the ages of these girls. These girls saw an opportunity and took it. The sad part is that prostitution was the easiest and most lucrative opportunity offered to these, and many other women in our community. Humboldt has been a boom and bust community ever since it existed. At one point, most of of the buildings in old town Eureka were brothels. Most people treat it like it's a big joke and a situation that could never happen again. In reality, as long as there is an industry in Humboldt that employs many young single men, and distances them from the community for an extended period of time and after which, they are paid in a large lump sum, a lot of those men will spend that money on drugs and women. It was true during the gold rush, logging boom, fishing industry, and now the marijuana economy. Humboldt has had 150 years to figure out how to have a community where prostitution, violence, and illicit drug sales are not encouraged to exist. The solution is having a community that offers all of our citizens enough opportunities, through economics, education, and industry that the option of becoming a prostitute, pimp, drug dealer, thief, or other "undesirable" is simply less attractive to people than having a "legitimate" career. There is also a discussion to be had as to if these girls should even be treated as criminals. The culture of prohibition leads to the people who provide drugs and prostitution being inundated with violence. Simply making these activities illegal does not make them go away. If there is money to be made doing something, illegal or not. Eventually supply and demand will provide the market with that thing. I'm not advocating for decriminalization, that is a discussion that should be had somewhere other than the internet and with people smarter than those on the internet (myself included). I am only saying that this event is only a small part of a much much larger issue facing our community and the only way that we can address and solve it, is to see what the whole issue is before we start allocating culpability. It's like the old joke about the 3 blind monks and the elephant.

  5. Prairie Johnston

    waste of time and money, plus now they will have fines etc they have to pay.

  6. Jen Green

    It always breaks my heart to hear about people (of any age or sex for that fact) who seem to hate ( or what ever ther excuse) them selves so much that selling there reaccept an dignity is they only answer they belive to obtaining money….theres money to be had out there an you dont gotta sell your body to obtain it

  7. Like so many commenters on the internets, Fred likes to attribute thoughts to others and then argue against their faulty logic.

  8. Pita Mann

    Even women can choose the thug life.

  9. Commercial prostitution is illegal except in Nevada. Noncommercial prostitution is legal in the rest of United States through court decisions involving cohabitation agreement, mistress-lovers relationship, and unmarried couples supporting each other. Escorts and street hookers are engaging in commercial activities so the police can sting them and arrest them. Prostitution is not a crime where there is an injured party (except for human trafficking) so commercial activity is needed to substantiate a criminal charge. Sugar babies (mistresses) ,sugar daddies(lovers), domestic partners, and girlfriend-boyfriend living together (cohabitation outside of marriage) are except from the prostitution statutes in the privacy of their homes because they are engaging in noncommercial activities. The PA Superior Court explains a prostitute is in a commercial activity because of the high turn around rates of clients. Mistress may have multiple partner but they don’t have a high turn around rates. (See Commonwealth v. Danko, 421 A.2d 1165, 1170 Pa. Super. 1980 and Cherry v. Koch 129 Misc. 2d 346, 491 N.Y.S.2d 934). Escorts are classified as commercial in this court case. (See IDK, INC., v. COUNTY OF CLARK 836 F.2d 1185). California Supreme Court created a legal right to contract for companionship with sexual activities as the relationship is not with a professional prostitute. (See Marvin v. Marvin 18 Cal.3d 660 (1976)).

  10. Cecilia Marie Brazil

    dumb ho's!

  11. Damnn, SERIOUSLY disappointed and shocked :/ thats definitely not the girl I once knew. Hope you get your shit together and get right cause your better than that
    .. smh


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