Say Goodbye To The Arcata Eye

Friday, September 20, 2013
Illustration by Dave Held.

Illustration by Dave Held.

PLAZA VIEW ROOM – Say goodbye to the Arcata Eye tonight, Friday, Sept. 20 at 6 p.m. in the Plaza View Room in Jacoby’s Storehouse during Eye Bye Bye Night.

Join the staff of the Arcata Eye, McKinleyville Press and Mad River Union newspapers in heralding the birth of the new paper.

Nosh, enjoy beverages, pore over (and take!) old Arcata Eyes, buy ads and subscriptions to the Mad River Union and enjoy quality nostalgia with staff and fellow readers.


(707) 826-7000


8 Responses to “Say Goodbye To The Arcata Eye”

  1. Who's on first? Why did we get a newspaper with such a general purpose name instead of the Arcata Eye?

  2. Same hack different name, about as quality as going to the Open door clinic with a Redwood splinterand having the apes their tell you you need SRS because you like beer but you see Women who sit on their cans all day in an office get fatter than feeder hogs when they drink beer as they really like to quash their thirst. but that's ok as they are all heavy Metal 80's rockers and like to party so they still need to get stoned and want to smoke pot instead. And YOU drink beer young man and your not sypathetic to Nana's party idealisms so you need to be a transgendered nutcase.

  3. Please tell me police logs will continue! Haven't lives in Arcata for 5 years, but those logs are still a hoot!

  4. Kevin Hoover

    Yes, the Police Log will continue!

  5. Katie Bowman

    Always hilarious

  6. Janet Nelson Burdick

    A few years ago my hometown newspaper, the "Lake Oswego Review" in Lake Oswego, OR, tried to emulate Kevin's witty police log. It caused such a stir in the wealthy bedroom community of Portland that the editor put the kibosh on such hilarity. The good citizens of Lake Oswego evidently thought that crime should be reported SERIOUSLY. Personally, I love Kevin's Police Log and am glad to see it continue.

  7. I was present for the "Death of Hip" in San Francisco. Then the Fall of Saigon. Then the departure of various friends and kinfolk as the decades swept by.

    And now, the end of the Arcata Eye.

    Will I be next? Sniff.


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