Shots Fired, Hatchet Mentioned In Sunny Brae

Sunday, September 8, 2013
Arcata Police comb Shirley Boulevard for evidence. KLH | Eye

Flashlight beams play across the pavement as Arcata Police comb Shirley Boulevard for evidence. KLH | Eye

Eye Staff Report

SUNNY BRAE – Arcata Police are searching for evidence and any possible victims in Sunny Brae following reports of yelling and gunshots on the steep lower section of Shirley Boulevard near Beverly Drive.

Neighbors said that just after 12:22 a.m., two men and a woman were heard loudly arguing.

“Finally you’re going to fight like a man,” a male voice said. A hatchet was reportedly mentioned.

Then three shots rang out, and two cars rapidly left the scene. One went up Shirley Boulevard, the other down onto Beverly Drive.

Arcata Police are interviewing witnesses and searching the street and area yards for any evidence. No victims are yet known.

It is illegal to discharge a firearm within Arcata city limits, per the Arcata Municipal Code.

The location now being processed is just down the street from where accused double murderer Bodhi Tree was apprehended on May 18.

APD Shirley 2

Police knocked on doors, attempting to contact neighbors, and scoured the street for bullet shells. KLH | Eye




6 Responses to “Shots Fired, Hatchet Mentioned In Sunny Brae”

  1. Laurie Tate

    Wow. That's my old neighborhood. Cha cha changes…

  2. Very perceptive comment, Mr Arman. Very apt.

  3. Marcie Questoni


  4. Jeremy Schulze

    My friend was texting me the entire time it was happening. I heard sirens on 11th Street no where near Sunnybrae.

  5. omfg I was outside wen 10 fucking cop cars went by me hella fast.

  6. Alexander Spoon

    Doubt anyone was shot.


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