Police Log Book Orders

How to order Kevin Hoover’s acclaimed Police Log books!
The Police Log: True Crime & More from Arcata, California
12.95 + .94  sales tax = $13.89The Police Log II: The Nimrod Imbroglios
$16.95 + 1.23 sales tax = $18.18

 Or order both for $29.95 and save! 

(Cost of postage is even included in purchase price!)


Option 1: Pay using PayPal

The Police Log:
The Police Log II:


Option 2: Use this handy PDF form!  

Option 3:  Send check to

Arcata Eye Coplog Books
P.O. Box 451
Arcata, CA 95518

Option 4: call (707) 826-7000 to order by credit card.

Allow three weeks for delivery.