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We’ll Always Have Bongos – December 3, 2011

By kevpod

10:33 p.m. Someone shoved a pregnant woman at Ninth and H streets, but maybe he had a good reason. »

Savoriness As Dubious As The Antics Are Pointless – May 17, 2011

By kevpod

7:42 p.m. A man with a pierced lip and dirty jacket wrote “F YOU” on the side of a downtown shop. Asked to leave, his reaction was more or less commensurate with his literary oeuvre. »

Exciting New Vomit-And-Pass-Out Diet Brings Cookie Toss, Not Weight Loss – July 27, 2010

By kevpod

2:02 p.m. A trusting soul, one of the remaining few not yet predated by ever-swarming opportunivores, parked in a designated handicapped spot outside the store where everything’s worth a dollar, without posting armed guards around the car. On returning, he found that his handicapped placard had been stolen. »