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Vandals Systematically Sabotage Dam – November 28, 2012

By kevpod

Kevin L. Hoover Eye Editor ARCATA COMMUNITY FOREST – Sometime during the first week of November, unknown suspects intentionally plugged the water inlet at the Jolly Giant Dam. Water has risen in the reservoir, though no danger to citizens or property is foreseen. The dam, built in the 1930s by the Union Water Company,... »

Arcata’s Natural Splendor Fomented, Forwarded, Fretted Over – November 14, 2012

By kevpod

FMC member Danny Hagans noted that miles of road have been decommissioned in the Sunny Brae Forest. “It may look startling that things have been uprooted, but that’s the process of restoring hydrologic processes,” he said. »

Oil spill seeps toward Janes Creek, big weekend sop-up – January 20, 2010

By kevpod

Andre called the response “very robust,” and said that water samples were taken, since some of the grease appeared to have contaminated the creek. »