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Margaret Gainer: A Fancy Word For Garbage – May 31, 2011

By kevpod

I call it Loophole Recycling. It’s a loophole for local governments that have not been able to comply with state mandated goals for landfill diversion. In the proposal to transport in a single-stream to Willits, it is especially “loophole recycling” because it must be dumped twice and is further contaminated. »

Why We Have To Look At This *ucking Thing Every Day – May 7, 2010

By kevpod

The *UCK YEAH! bus is usually parked next to Co-op, taking up at least two parking spaces and expelling a cloud of diesel smog as its warms the engine for a move across the street every few days. Last week, a group of schoolchildren walking to the store for a tour had to pass... »