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GMO Free Humboldt Seeks Biotech Ban

By kevpod

Unlike the recent Proposition 37, which sought to label all genetically modified produce and other goods already available to consumers, the GMO Free Humboldt ban would prevent these crops and other organisms from being grown or produced within the county. »

Co-op Adopts New GMO Policy

By kevpod

"In order to influence the regulation of GMO labeling, we are no longer knowingly accepting new non-organic products that include GMO high-risk items in their ingredient list, unless they are enrolled in The Non-GMO Project or can provide to us a detailed description of the measures they have taken to avoid GMO contamination." »

Kayla Shapero – GMOs: Proceed With Caution, But Proceed – February 22, 2012

By kevpod

Transgenic plants have many potential ways to benefit our society. Not only are these plants capable of helping us solve hunger problems we have created for ourselves, but they are also capable of helping cleanse the environment we have been polluting with chemicals for our short-term convenience. Also, many concerns raised by environmental activists... »