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Arcata Sued Over Pot Raid – April 5, 2012

By kevpod

According to the lawsuit, the June 1 search of Sage’s home was carried out by at least 10 officers and eight of them – some “with guns drawn” – entered the house after an officer dressed as a utility worker knocked at the door. »

Jeff Schwartz: Police Putting City Employees Under Suspicion By Criminals – August 30, 2011

By kevpod

The City of Arcata has done a terrible disservice to their civilian employees essentially stripping them of their aura of friendliness and innocence. No one likes an imposter. The City worker will be suspected as an imposter, suffer the specter of deceit and lose the kindness of homeowners. »

Jeffrey Schwartz: Arcata’s Own SS Might Come Busting In Any Time – May 26, 2011

By kevpod

It is disappointing that the powers that be including the Arcata City Council, the Board of Supervisors, the Humboldt County judges and the District Attorney allow this unconstitutional conduct without a peep. »