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Shea Checks In, Checks Out, Runs Away To Join The Circus – September 4, 2012

By kevpod

As I move my business interests beyond the Emerald Triangle to strange and interesting areas across the nation and internationally, I hope to return to smiling faces at my headquarters in quiet Arcata. »

Music, Magic And Spectacle At The 15th Annual Arcata Eye Ball, Saturday, Feb. 18

By kevpod

Tickets are $15 each, two for $25, available at The Works, Wildberries Marketplace, People’s Records, Wildwood Music, the Arcata Eye and arcatatheater.com. All ages may attend, those 17 and under with an adult. »

Shea Freelove’s Circus Emporium Opens Sunday, May 1

By kevpod

Circus Emporium is a project of the Arcata Amusement Institution, a non-profit DreamMaker project administered through the Ink People. »