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Animal Shelter Maxed Out, Open House This Saturday, Dec. 8

By kevpod

Eight puppies were born at the shelter at the time of the interview. Six more puppies were recently dumped at the side of a road in the Carlotta area. Earlier in November, 13 puppies were found in a cardboard box next to a school bus stop in the Dyerville area. »

Several Dogs Become Ill On Shirley Boulevard – November 27, 2012

By kevpod

“We were the first with our dog in early September,” said a woman, who, like other affected pet owners, asked not to be identified in case someone in the neighborhood had some problem with dogs. “Eight dogs is not a coincidence,” she said. »

Unleashed Dogs Imperil Wildlife Sanctuary – August 8, 2012

By kevpod

Wild areas also provide dangers to dogs in the form of ticks, poison oak, aggressive native species and the occasional rabid animal. Finally, while you may see your dog as friendly and playful, others may be frightened and not wish to be approached by your dog. »