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Vansplosion May Have Been Rolling Hash Lab

By kevpod

"There is suspicion that they were using the van as a drug lab, to make honey oil," said Battalion Chief Sean Campbell. »

Loot-Laden Reno Train Passenger Leads To Arcata-Area Grow, Coke, Hash, Cash, Gold – June 12, 2012

By kevpod

An arrest warrant will be submitted to the Humboldt County District Attorney’s for Waldrop’s arrest for the following charges: cultivation and possession for sales of marijuana, possession of cocaine, and for manufacturing of a hash lab. »

Penthouse Hash Mill Foiled By Creek Spewage – February 16, 2012

By kevpod

"He was dumping large piles of by-product over the fence by Creek," Dokweiler said. "Certainly that sloppiness attracts attention. »