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Alas, ‘A Lass Of The Lumberlands’ Lost

By kevpod

Some 27 spots from Garberville to Del Norte will be highlighted. Just two feature films are known to have been shot in Arcata, the first because of an unknown twist of fate. »

Helen Holmes’ Big Film Production Comes To Arcata

By kevpod

Of the 30-member film entourage lodged at the Hotel Arcata, 22 were paid movie staff. These included actors, camera operators, editors, support staff, producer J. P. McGowan and his “colored valet,” and the “colored maid” for Miss Holmes. »

Grow A No-Go, But B.B.’s Back – June 13, 2012

By kevpod

The photo was recovered and returned to the Hotel Arcata. Manager Diane Cutshall said it wouldn't be put back on display until it could be properly secured. »