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Taste-Testing PastaLuego’s Creations For The New Abruzzi Lunch Menu

By kevpod

The glory of the menu is pasta, often with a protein addition so no one risks leaving hungry. Not to shortchange protein – it’s my middle name – but fresh pasta is the point here. The dishes are Roman traviatta style at its Californian best. »

Sunny Brae’s Fiesta Café Closes – January 18, 2012

By kevpod

“We know how people feel,” Rogelio said. “We love that place.” »

Bizou Brings Kiss Of Dining Elegance To Uniontown – June 24, 2010

By kevpod

Having been through so many iterations as a fooderie, from bakery to Korean restaurant, Wolfe did the equivalent of cleansing one’s palate, clearing the space entirely to start from scratch. “We gutted it and started over,” she said. The effort has taken months, detail by meticulous detail. »